A Complete Guide to Crystal Healing: Everything You Need to Know

Complete Guide To Crystal Healing

In this complete yet concise guide, we will be briefly discussing what crystal healing and how to do it. If you are new to the topic, then this is the perfect piece for you to get engaged in the art of crystal healing.

What are Healing Crystals?

Healing Crystals are earthly elements that are naturally formed by the processes and forces of Mother Nature itself. As it does its routine, the earth mixes different kinds of substances, creating what is known as a “healing crystal.”

Given the complex nature of endless vibrations, tectonic movements, temperature adjustments, earthquakes, etc., unique healing crystals are formed. As such, different compounds and substances are mixed in one unique rock formation.

Furthermore, such complex process also results in various patterns and colour combinations in each crystal. This leads to a vast array of meanings and applications, with each healing crystal having its own unique set of attributes!

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is the process of using gemstones or commonly referred to as “healing crystals” to address problems in the physical and the mental states of the human person.

By taking advantage of its unique properties and meanings, each healing crystal will apply to a specific situation, feeling, or dilemma. For instance, when you are generally feeling a lack of love in your own life, tapping onto the power of a Rose Quartz can significantly ease your pain.

How do Healing Crystals affect us?

While there are a lot of sceptics regarding the effectiveness of its healing properties, the popularity of these crystals continues to soar. For one thing, healing crystals are understood to bring about certain frequencies and vibrations with it. These vibrations carry certain energies with it, depending on the healing crystal. For instance, Citrine is known to bring with it the power of the sun. Aside from bringing vibrations and frequencies, healing crystals are also known to remove negative energies from our bodies. Particularly the black-coloured crystals, they are known to absorb the blockages from our Chakra points. Black Tourmaline, for instance, is known to absorb bad luck.

Should I believe in Crystal Healing?

In reality, you don’t really need a reason to believe in Crystal Healing. Unlike other forms of New Age practices, crystal healing is the least intrusive one, requiring little to no commitment. By merely trying them out, the power ingrained within these stones will convince you without further need of explanation. Just as energies are mysteriously at work, these healing crystals will also do its magic in our lives. All we have to do is try it out! After all, we don’t really have that much to lose but do have a lot to gain if these crystals will work for us.

Final Word

The power of Healing Crystals can be a crucial game changer if we can fully harness them. To begin with, we must be fully aware of the function of each healing crystal, particularly its properties. Just as different crystals have different points, they also have multiple ways of usage.

Furthermore, studying how they can be integrated into other practices such as Chakra Healing and Reiki will further amplify the usefulness of these crystals. Matching their use to the unique meanings of these different practices will improve the synergy.

As such, it is up to us practitioners to sharpen our knowledge and skills in using them. After all, its power and magic are already there. Like King Arthur’s legendary Excalibur, our healing crystals are patiently waiting for us to use them.

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