Mercury Retrograde 2015

mercury-retrogradeGive yourself a pat on the back ! You have survived the latest Mercury Retrograde period. Retrograde is the time when the planet appears to move gradually backwards in the sky each night. Mercury turned direct again a week ago on October 9th after being Retrograde for some three weeks prior to that, beginning on September 17th. The difficult period is over now as Mercury moves forward retracing the path it retrograded through, passing beyond the original retrograde point on October 24th.

Did you experience any communication difficulties, have misunderstandings with others or travel delays ? Mercury rules over all areas of communication so when it appears to go backwards or retrograde in the sky so too do our communications with others stop moving forward and apparently go into reverse. Often people misunderstood what others say and it can generally be a frustrating period for achieving anything. In mythology Mercury was the winged messenger but for these three weeks it’s as if his wings have been well and truly clipped.

Interestingly this latest Mercury Retrograde took place in the sign of Libra. Libra is an Air sign and rules over areas such as relationships. Perhaps you were contacted by an old flame or friend as people’s thoughts and communications reflected back on times gone by.

For now though our thoughts can begin to look forward again and our communication become clearer and less open to misunderstanding by others. It is a good time to make progress on projects that have seemed to stall in the last few weeks.

Although the Mercury Retrograde has passed for now of course it will come around again. It happens about three times each year. Next time it takes place in January 2016. In the sign of Aquarius which rules over Technology and Innovation so make sure you have your computers and documents all backed up well before then !

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  1. That’s interesting! during the mercury retrograde in late September 15, I happen to lose my ipod nano and shortly after, spilt tea on my expensive laptop causing catastrophic damage to the motherboard …

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