How To Heal Your Body With Chakras

How to heal your body with Chakra'sEvery particle in the universe radiates energy in different ways. Tiny cells in the body emit energy on the basis of where they are located in the body. It is a natural procedure that energy flow in and out of our body through different points. The channel or points for energy flow are known as Chakras.  The energy flow in the in the chakras is the clockwise direction when it pulls out the energy out of our body and makes a energy flow field around us and when the chakra moves anticlockwise it pulls the energy from surrounding towards our body. The frequency state of our body decides whether to draw energy or release energy to the outer-world. The existence of the concept of the chakras has been in existence from thousands of years. It is not a physical entity, it is just an energy which flows at particular points in the human’s body. Chakras exist in the seven points of the body and are related to different organs in the body. These are the features of consciousness which takes two main vehicles which are endocrine system and nervous system to communicate with the living body and the energetic body. As every chakra is associated with some organ, any tension, nervousness, heart break can be seen in our body organs as these tensions causes unbalancing in chakras. There are seven chakras in the body which are; root, sacral, heart, throat, third eye and crown.  Some of the ways to heal your body through chakras are as follows:

1. Meditation For Balancing Chakras

When the body is overstressed with tension, then it is the clear time to balance your chakras to heal your body; here meditation serves the purpose of self awareness towards your inner soul. The meditation techniques like inner vision meditation and the white light chakra mediation techniques makes you feel free from your loneliness.

2. Pronouncement

The way to heal your chakras is to visualize yourself in giving and leave the term of receiving from your life. Accept the way you are and say; my thoughts are always positive towards me and future.  Write your vows and what you want in your life on the page and read it every day to feel energized and positive.

3. Massage

From the ancient years the body massage is acting as a healing agent. Different types of massages on various organs charge the body and release the tensions from the body. As the lower abdominal massage heals the body from the mind confusion and increases creativity as that point is related to second chakra.

4. Color Vibration

Every chakra has a different color association, the color in our surrounding and eating effect our body in many ways. Sound colors as blue, green makes our body feels peace, vibrant color like orange, purple, yellow makes us feel energetic. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet are the color for every chakra from root to crown. Lie on your back in a relaxed position and visualize every color 5 minutes to open your chakras and at the end of the session you will feel balanced and calm.

5. Music As A Healer

Every chakra reacts to different frequency sounds and heals our body soul in various ways. The Solfeggio is a method of music frequency healing through various sounds.

6. Yoga

The postures of yoga have been proved as the best chakra opening and body healer method from the very ancient times.  When the energy is stuck or any chakra is closed or overactive, spiritual healers prescribe the yoga to balance the body and release stress. Through various breathing techniques and postures flow of fresh energy is encouraged in our body. The various diseases connected to different chakra like constipation, heart unhealthiness, stiff lower back can be easily demolished by the various poses of yoga like Surya namaskar.

7. Oiling

Essential oils used during massage act as a healer for our body from stress ad tensions. Combination of the oils with the tree extracts let the natural environmental energy flow through our body which causes a release of tension from the body. At the root chakra use patchouli oil to increase stability in life, sandal wood oil for sexual energies at sacral chakra, cinnamon oil from boosting self confidence at the solar chakra point, rose scent smells can heal the heart chakra and relieve one’s body from depression, eucalyptus oil for throat curing, lavender oil for curing headaches and can makes you more active and at last frankincense oil for more peace and clarity in mind and balance the crown chakra.

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