Barack & Michelle Obama’s Birth Chart Compatibility for Marriage

From what we have seen of this famous, attractive couple in the world of politics, who married in Oct 1992, is that it is obvious that they have a solid, happy relationship with each other and their family. Why are they together? Their birth chart compatibility for marriage indicates stability. Barack Obama’s sun sign Leo and Michelle Obamas sun sign Capricorn, may indicate tension as both are signs that want to be in charge and both have strong personalities and leadership qualities. Yet it works out well as Michelle is a great support for Barack Obama and has faith in Barack Obama and he in turn has great respect and love for her.

Barack has a number of planets in the seventh house of marriage. These include Mars, Uranus and Pluto. Having this strong emphasis on the seventh house means a lot of his energies will be expressed in the realm of partnership with another. Mars will give him a lot of passion and fire in the relationship, Pluto an intensity in love and Uranus a less conventional approach to the relationship, with a need for certain freedoms.

Both Barack and Michelle have their Moon’s in Air signs. Barack has his Moon in Gemini which combined with his Leo Sun makes him the great orator that he is. Michelle has her Moon in Aquarius. These Moon placements mean they will have a common way of seeking emotional satisfaction since the Moon is the area of the emotions. This will be achieved by communicating and understanding their shared ideas and thoughts, which is the realm of the air signs.

Barack and Michelle also both have the planet of love and passion, Venus, in Water signs to add a more emotional bias to their rational outlook expressed by their Moon placements. For Barack, his Venus is in the sign of Cancer and for Michelle her Venus is in the sign of Pisces. With them both being in Water signs, there will be a natural empathy and understanding and shared passions between the two.

The conclusion therefore according to Barack and Michelle Obama’s horoscope compatibility for marriage is that their stars match and is a fated marriage match made in heaven.

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