Your moon sign decides how much sleep you need, says Sundeep Kochar

Sleep is essential for a healthy life. For our body to perform efficiently and the brain to work properly, a good night’s sleep acts as a catalyst. However, the intensity of your sleeping pattern depends on your zodiac signs. “There is a direct relation between a person’s moon signs and his sleeping pattern, and the amount of sleep he needs,” says Sundeep Kochar, the best Vedic astrologer in India.

Everyone has a different method of falling asleep. Masks, music, dimmed lights, reading and a lot of other things help people fall asleep. Here is an insight into your sleeping patterns, based on your zodiac signs.


An Aries loves saving time and doing a lot of activities. Thus, sleeping is only secondary to people who belong to this moon sign. According to Sundeep Kochar, “Living to the fullest and making the most of their time defines an Aries. They are always busy making schedules for the next day.”


For a Taurus, sleep matters the most. They believe in feeling like royalty and love sleeping on beds that are fluffy and full of pillows. A perfect sleep for a Taurus is complete with beautiful dreams, breathtaking visuals and about 15 hours of their day.


Gemini are the ones who can manage with medium amounts of sleep. They are always engrossed with work, social media or talking to their friends and forget to notice the time. However, they always love talking about the dreams they had.


Cancerians are over-thinkers and need sleep for the emotional upheaval that they are experiencing. Sleeping on their problems and tensions helps them reset their emotions, giving them better control on their life.


Leos are busy when it comes to their working patters and catch up on their sleeps with small naps. Catching up on sleep is something that they have to try and do with their routines.


With their minds being the most active at night, Virgos are usually not able to sleep much. “They understand the importance of a good night’s sleep, but usually have a hard time sleeping peacefully because of their habit of deep thinking,” explains Dr Sundeep Kochar, a famous astrologer in India.


Libras are inconsistent sleepers. They might just casually play a game till late night or might go to bed at 10 pm. A peaceful sleep where they can relax and wake up fresh is all they need.


Sleeping, for a Scorpio, is never a priority. They sleep well when they are exhausted. Otherwise, it’s just the natural sleep they can get which suffices their need.


Similar to Scorpio, a Sagittarius will only fall asleep when he/she is completely exhausted. They go on working without breaks and just pass out when they lie on the bed.


Sleep is just another thing that a Capricorn has to tick off their task list. It is just like a responsibility that they have. They do a few things like meditation, stretching, etc., before going to sleep.


Complete 8 hours or more and long naps on the weekend are an important part of the routine with Aquarians. If they don’t get enough sleep, it makes them grouchy and irritated.


Art lovers, Pisces always make sleep a priority. However, they are the most creative at night and therefore, sacrifice sleep to make their art count. They tend to sleep more during the day.

Indeed an important aspect, sleep helps the body in multiple ways. Every person has a different way of sleeping and it all depends on their zodiac sign. “Astrology is a science that knows how a person’s life will be and it covers every aspect. Sleep is just one dimension,” opines Sundeep Kochar.

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