Aries & Libras Are More Similar Than You Think

Whether you see it as Mars and Venus, indecision and decisiveness, or diplomacy and crude honesty, Aries and Libras are two sides of the same coin. Both with their share of strengths, weaknesses, and eccentricities.

Libras are often presented as wishy-washy people pleasers with a tendency for indecision and getting walked on. While Aries is a rude, blunt, selfish man-child who screams and kicks if he doesn’t get his way. Although there may be truth to these stereotypes, jokes, and memes, they don’t grasp the full picture.

Libras Are Opposite To Aries

I take pride in being an Aries, no surprises there. Being the firstborn of the zodiac, barreling through life, aiming for the finish line, whilst starting plenty of fires along the way. Of course with charm and confidence, or arrogance.

Libras are opposite to Aries, seeking peace, balance, and harmony. Shown moving through life with a certain beauty, tact, and gentle touch. Making sure everybody has their voice heard and a ribbon to go with it. Yuck!

But, to be in opposition to Aries, Libra must be equally powerful. The ram charges with his head first, breaking down every wall in his path leaving nothing but rubble and dust. He gets to the star-studded Libra wall believing it will be just like any other, bashing his head, and getting whiplash. Must be a pretty hard wall.

Although seeking peace and equality, Libras are just as headstrong as Aries. Their victories live in harmony and the participation medals. They’re as fond of breaking down walls just as much as the Ram, although they would prefer the word dismantle. They’ll take them down brick by brick, or add a door, or maybe even just a window, so you can see their side of things. I mean, they are a cardinal sign, after all.

Libras Are Cardinal Energy

Ah, Cardinal Energy. The start of a new season, project, or even relationship. The leaders of the zodiac, forging a path of their own. The Aries points in a direction and yells, “Onward!” with blind enthusiasm, optimism, and pure intuition. Ready to face any challenges and foes along the way, but not giving them a thought beforehand. Anyone who follows him will be a great addition to his team, and anyone who doesn’t will miss the great fire he’s about to start. 

The tactful Libra on the other hand creates a well laid out plan. Asking the group where they want to go, what they think is best, and how they should go about doing it. Using the scales to weigh out the best option, and making sure everyone has a task, and feels their voice has been heard.

But, don’t get it twisted. Libra still has a goal. This beautiful sign still has a mission, they can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and they’re willing to stake their life on it. Suggestions are welcome and help is guaranteed. But, this sign has a vision. Libra will use her tact and diplomacy to lead the way. But we all know, to be a leader, you sometimes have to be selfish.

Libra Is More Selfish Than You Think

The Ram relishes in his selfish, “Me-first” nature. Being the toddler of the zodiac, it’s all he knows. It’s his way or the highway! But, whether you use the archetype of the toddler or the soldier, you know both of these can be selfless. If you ask, the toddler will gladly hand you his crayons, he’ll go run through the yard instead, but make sure you show him your art when he returns, he wants to see it. And, the soldier will stake his life on the line, maybe for his people, his beliefs, or the greater good. Or maybe just for his satisfaction with battle and victory.

Libra, seen as the mediating, diplomatic sign, that hears everyone’s opinions and suggestions thoroughly, is equally selfish. The scales will come to a compromise, you get the blue and green crayon, while I get red and yellow, because I like red and yellow. She wants to come to a decision, a 50/50, where everyone is happy, or not. You see, as I stated earlier, Libra still has a goal in mind. Just like Aries, she still has a path she must forge and pave, and she’ll use her tact and diplomacy to make it happen.

In Conclusion

However you see it, the lover and the fighter, the selfish and selfless, or even the jock and the cheerleader, Aries and Libra are two sides of the same coin. Both equally headstrong, goal-driven, and at times selfish, they use their own set of strengths and powers to achieve their ideals.

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