Aries & Libras Are More Similar Than You Think

Whether you see it as Mars and Venus, indecision and decisiveness, or diplomacy and crude honesty, Aries and Libras are two sides of the same coin. Both with their share of strengths, weaknesses, and eccentricities. Libras are often presented as wishy-washy people pleasers with a tendency for indecision and getting walked on. While Aries is […]

7 Reasons To Try a Professional Astrologer

Working as one of the professional astrologers at Ask The Answer, I often come across some misconceptions about the true power of astrology. To many the word ‘Astrology’ conjures up an image of vague horoscopes printed in the back of a magazine or newspaper. As in many areas, the mainstream media has taken a hand […]

Think Astrology Is All About Your Star Sign? This Is What You’re Missing!

Ever find that magazine horoscope that you skim through on your lunch break a little, hmm… shallow? Considering that everyone on the whole planet was born under one of only 12 signs of the Zodiac, how accurate can that short paragraph of text actually be? Well, you’re right. But it’s because that throwaway horoscope, relegated […]

Do You Need to Go to College to Become an Astrologer?

According to the research conducted by EssayShark, over 23 percent of the Americans read their horoscopes daily. Nowadays, people are getting more and more interested in astrology as a science about stars. Even the most hardcore skeptics note that society has a deep psychological need for astrological knowledge. People who have started studying astrology, receive […]

Seven Zodiac Matches That Make the Most Ideal Couples

Which are the absolute best matches in the Zodiac? While each sign has a few contenders, there are definitely some matches that exceed most others. Some are the “dream teams” of the zodiac. Some couples are perfect together romantically, sexually, and as business partners. Some couples are considered “power couples” or even “most romantic”. There […]

Using Astrology and Signs Of The Zodiac To Improve Tarot Readings

Astrology is the practice of interpreting the movements and positioning of celestial bodies as a guide for understanding the world and human behaviour.  Using astrology and the signs of the zodiac is a great way to gain insight into people’s personalities and their reactions to situations in their lives.  However, astrology can also be used […]