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Astrological Aspects - Learn Astrology Natal Chart/Horoscope Guide

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Aspects in Astrology

In this last step 5 of the last of the learn astrology guide to your natal chart, you will discover what aspects in your horoscope are and what they mean. Astrological aspects are the connections between planets. An aspect line connects the planets across the middle of a natal chart/horoscope. They are the geometric relationships between two planets measured as angles and are used to describe how the planets combine to stimulate and moderate each other's influence. They are divided into two categories; major or minor and are also said to be either harmonious or tense (inharmonious).

At the time of someone's birth, all of the planets are in particular positions in the sky. Two planets, relative to each other, may be in the same zodiac sign or an opposite sign or a few signs away. The combinations are endless and are unique with each passing moment. Certain of these combinations are deemed as a relationship between planets known as aspects in astrology.

We can see a similar thing in daily life. Let's imagine a playground where lots of children are playing and talking. At first glance this may appear as a completely random scene but on closer inspection there is far more order present.

In another part of the playground some children may be playing a game of soccer. There are two teams playing against each other. In astrology this is like an opposition. Two planets are facing each other in some kind of dialogue. They are coming from different points of view but are connected and essential for each other, as in the soccer game.

Each planet, represents a different universal energy. This same energy exists in the individual within his psyche. Therefore if planets are in relationship in the sky above at the time of a persons birth, so they will in the same way, be in relationship within the individual and his psyche. There are many planetary combinations but to understand their essential nature, we have to turn towards number symbolism.

How Aspects are Measured

Certain planets are seen as connected with one another if the place they are found at is within a specified angle of another planet. There are various possible connections between the planets such as a conjunction (0° or next to each other), a trine (120°), a square (90°) and an opposition (180°). A conjunction for example would mean the two planetary energies would express themselves in harmony with each other. A square would mean the planetary energies are connected but in a challenging manner which would involve some kind of tension.


Astrologers allow some allow some leeway when measuring aspects so an aspect does not have to be exact. This margin of play of a few degrees, called the Orb, varies for each aspect type.

Aspects and Angles

Only certain angular relationships are regarded as aspects and usually include angles to the ascendant and midheaven.

Balance of Aspects

Aspects are said to be either harmonius or tense (inharmonius). It is preferable to have a balance both these type as individuals with only harmonious aspects may have alot of potential but no drive to develop it, while those with only inharmonius or tense aspects, may lack the faith and optimism to overcome difficulties.

The eight aspects in astrology are explained in depth in the corresponding pages in this section.