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The career & work astrology report is a full natal chart interpretation that focuses on your calling or vocation in life outlining your unique talents only you possess. Understanding these via this astrology reading will, hopefully, lead you to understand the role you were ideally suited to and lead you to a fulfilling career & work life.Many people have chosen a career or line of work, that merely gets them by day to day but very few have found their true vocation in life, where their work is just an extension of their true character and not something foreign to who they are.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost

The vocation astrology report is an in-depth, personalised, illustrated natal chart interpretaion by Australian astrologer Stephanie Johnson of Seeing With Stars in mobile friendly PDF & web format. It is ideal for personal guidance or that special gift for a special occasion such as birthdays. All we need are the birth details and email address and we will send a personalised report to them directly within 24 hours. You can also add a personalised message to the gift email. Sections of the vocation reading are outlined below.

Career & Work, Astrology Report Sections

Your Vocation & Destiny

        Career & Work Astrology Report - Vocation & Destiny

The vocation horoscope by date of birth analysis, starts off by looking at an overall picture of where your career indicates you should be going by looking at such factors as the position of the karmic north node in your chart.

Vocation is the spine of life

Friedrich Nietzsche

Your Vocation & Direction

Career & Work Astrology Report - Vocation & Direction

The next section of the horoscope by date of birth analysis looks at your vocation and direction.

Many are called, few are chosen: many have talent, few have the character that can realise the talent. Character is the mystery, and it is individual.

James Hillman

Your Vocation & Character

Career & Work Astrology Report - Vocation & Character

This section looks at your vocation and character.

Character is fate


Your Income

Career & Work Astrology Report

This section looks at where your income is likely to come from and the kind of work you will likely be drawn too.

The worth of someone is deeply tied to images of destiny, the twists and turns of fate, and the wheels of fortune. The same is true of money. Our relation to money is our relation to fate.

Your Work

Vocation Astrology Report - Your Work

This section looks at the 6th house which symbolizes what is compatible with our nature and what we need in our work to feel fulfilled, therefore less stressed.

All work is a vocation, a calling from a place that is the source of meaning and identity, the roots of which lie beyond human intention and interpretation.

Thomas Moore

Your Profession

Career & Work Astrology Report - Your Profession

The finally section of your vocation horoscope by date of birth analysis, looks at where you can go on to shine professionally in the world and find your true vocation.

Every man has is own vocation; his talent is his call

Ralph Waldo Emerson


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