Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Birth Chart Career and Work Vocation Report

Born: 02 Nov 1965 02:30, Delhi, India. Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal/Birth Chart, Career Report

Success is not a good teacher, failure makes you humble.

Shahrukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan (born Shahrukh Khan), is an Indian film actor, producer and big television personality. Referred to in the media as the "King of Bollywood", has earned numerous accolades for his contribution to film and has been described as one of the most successful film stars in the world. He comes from a middle class Muslim family background and in 1991, married Gauri Chibber, a Punjabi Hindu.

Khan started his career in the late 1980's and made his Bollywood debut in 1992 with Deewana. Early in his career, he was recognised for portraying villainous roles and then rose to prominence after starring in a series of romantic films. He earned critical acclaim for numerious roles including his portrayal of an alcoholic in Devdas (2002), and a man with Asperger syndrome in My Name Is Khan (2010). Many of his films display themes of Indian national identity or religious, racial, gender and social differences and grievances.

The following is Astrology Yard's interpretation of Shah Rukh Khan's natal chart, specifially focusing on his career, work and vocation.

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Vocation Astrology Report

Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chart A Fulfilling Vocation

In the midst of our busy lives, worn out by the endless repetition of meaningless tasks, it is difficult to appreciate Kahlil Gibran's poetic image of work as a soul-making sphere. In a technological environment work and soul seem worlds apart. The outer rewards of career - prestige, status, vacations, salary packages, job security - conceal the urge to express soul through our vocation. When we are no longer anchored by values and images that remind us of a meaningful life, emptiness permeates the working atmosphere, contributing to an epidemic of dissatisfaction, depression and insecurity in the workplace. This report is aimed at helping you reflect on your vocation or calling. It is not meant as a quick fix, but rather as an aid to self-understanding and awareness which in turn helps your vocational choices.

Vocation is from the Latin vocare, to call, and in early English this referred to a spiritual calling. In modern terminology we can conceive of vocation as the calling to one's authentic role in the world. As an aspect of the individuation process, our vocational path is not predetermined but forged through the interrelationship of our inner self with the outer world over time. Carl Jung suggested it was vocation, which induced an individual to follow his own soul and become conscious. He suggested vocation was 'an irrational factor that destines a man to emancipate himself from the herd and from its well-worn paths. True personality is always a vocation'. To follow the voice which summons one on their authentic path demands that the individual be spirited enough to forge their own way in the world. As Jung reminds us, 'Creative life always stands outside convention’. Vocation demands we risk being unique.

When you were a child what was your answer when adults inevitably asked 'what do you want to be when you grow up?' As children we are uninhibited in our career choices, not yet influenced by cultural standards and values that judge professions. Still unaware of what work entails, the answer springs from our imagination. How we shape these soulful images of who we may be in the world is our vocation and a large part of the individuation process. These impressions are already inherent in us and often accessible to us through the imagination, and certainly through images in the horoscope. However one of the main obstacles in our vocational search is literality. Mistaking an internal image for a concrete career perpetuates the myth that vocation is something existing outside of us, already established in the world for us to find, not something that unfolds over the course of our lives. The illusion that the right career path, a creative job or our own business will dissolve our job dissatisfaction hinders the discovery that vocation is already present in us.

A complexity of external factors influences our career choices: familial awareness, educational opportunities, financial resources, parental support, and encouragement. Role models whom we admire as children, experiences that capture our imagination and the breadth of exposure to the world around us impress us. Another major influence on career choice is parental expectations. Whether it is overt or not, we are subjectively influenced by the unconscious expectations of the parents, the ancestors, and the culture. This pressure contributes to moulding our careers whether we yield or rebel to it. Yet instinctively we are drawn to certain courses, beliefs, and theories, experiences that are all part of the process of helping our careers unfold. Ultimately the vocation is like a large tapestry woven with the threads of all of our life experience and choices, not a well-trodden career path with guaranteed superannuation.

Unfortunately, vocations do not come with job descriptions, opportunities for promotion or a guaranteed income. No doubt work and career are an aspect of vocation, but we often confuse the longing for self-fulfillment with a literal job. Vocation, like individuation, is a job, it is a task; it is the 'opus' of one's life. Therefore the task of vocation continuously unfolds throughout our lifetime and its success depends on our ability to courageously follow its call. Vocation is an aspect of our fate, a force deep inside that pushes itself to be expressed in the world, therefore is intimately bound up with the course of our lives. Yet because work is how we 'make a living' we often identify work as something we do rather than something we are. Because some professions can bestow such prestige and status we may be drawn to a profession because of what it can offer materially, not creatively. Some careers offer the financial rewards that provide a wealthy lifestyle; however, at a critical point in our lives it becomes evident that career bonuses are never enough if vocational urges are still unmet.

A vocational analysis utilizing astrology is very beneficial in revealing an individual's calling. The astrological horoscope does not supply literal details, but it does offer suggestions as to the features necessary to make the vocational journey fulfilling. Vocation may also be found in hobbies, volunteer work, and courses of study, not always presenting in the form of a career. This report will help you to reflect on the qualities of your character that create an empowering effect on shaping a meaningful vocation. Using your horoscope as the personal guide this report will offer suggestions to help you consider a fulfilling vocation. As you read about the vocational images from your own horoscope you will find that many repeat similar themes, reminding you to be alert to these patterns. In other cases you will find that there may be contradictions. Human nature is full of paradoxes and it is of equal importance to have an insight into the nature of our own ambiguities and inconsistencies. This report will introduce you to the archetypal forces that underpin your personal search for a fulfilling vocation.

Vocation And Destiny

Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chart

Vocation is the spine of life

Friedrich Nietzsche

The Lunar Nodes

In the Hindu tradition the Nodal axis is symbolised by a dragon. The North Node is the dragon's head; the South Node is the dragon's tail. This archetypal image is an aspect of many culture's myths. In western mythologies it is the hero who comes across the dragon at some point in their journey and must battle this monster to gain the sacred treasure. This encounter is a psychological story depicting our battle against the forces that keep us from following our own path. Astrologically, it is along the nodal axis where we encounter this dragon and experience the incentive to confront our own destiny.

In considering this axis we can envisage the North Node or Dragon's Head as the calling to be heroic, to develop an identity in the world, or in other words, to follow our vocation. The North Node points to what can be developed through valuing and cultivating innate faculties. The South Node, known as the Dragon's Tail, is the container of talents, skills and aptitudes gleaned from the past, lying untapped and undifferentiated. Without recognition or consciousness they remain stagnant, unable to be directed advantageously. Hence a heroic act needs to dislodge and distribute this energy so it can be of service. In circulating this energy the potentiality of the North Node is heightened. Each time this energy is liberated, destiny is petitioned and vocation is more conscious; therefore the South Node is a vital key to unlocking the treasure chest of vocational talent.

Another way we could think about the North Node is that it is an invitation to participate and cooperate in the life journey. The North Node is where effort must be exerted. This is an opportunity to learn what needs to be developed and made conscious. For vocational purposes we could view the North Node as a symbol of what demands to be anchored and directed in the world. Unlike the South Node it is not instinctive and therefore needs to be recognised before it can be applied. In striving to realise the potentiality of the North Node, satisfaction and meaning will be derived.

The South Node in the opposite sign suggests an innate quality that needs to be disseminated and used freely in pursuit of a vocation. It is providence, a gift of inherited qualities from the past that can be used as resources for the future. The South Node suggests that well developed residues need to be dispersed and shared or they may threaten to entrap you. It symbolises what must be utilised in the conscious attempt to fulfill one's destiny. The South Node acts as a dissemination point for what becomes conscious at the North Node. In a way the South Node brings to mind the need to contribute this energy to the familial and social realms, the world at large. Since this energy is instinctual it is not necessarily always consciously directed or purposefully used.

The Lunar Nodes are important to consider in a vocational analysis since this polarity in the horoscope represents an axis of destiny. The issues involved in the nodal axis seek conscious expression and reconciliation, which are often sought through vocation. The nodal axis is intimately connected to the individual's path in life and therefore the nature of this polarity is often drawn into the pursuit of a fulfilling career. The sign position of the Nodes reveals an essential aspect of the individual's destiny. The polarity of signs embraced by the North and South Nodes describe important qualities necessary to both develop and disseminate in the vocation.

The house position of the Nodes will illustrate the environmental factors that help to shape and influence an individual's destiny. The North Node's house position directs us to be aware of an important arena of our lives. It is important to consciously participate in the area of life described by the house position of the North Node. This is an area where both the inner and outer worlds collude to lead us into an encounter with our destiny. It is a part of life that beckons and invites us into its experiences. Since the North Node is often the place where we momentarily may experience the transcendent and spiritual aspect of the self, its house position maps the place where these experiences happen. The North Node does not have a cumulative effect; in other words experiences at this place are not sequential, but more arbitrary, and may seem to happen out of the ordinary. The random nature of the North Node is more to do with its subjective nature and entanglement with the spiritual world. Hence the house position of the North Node may suggest the setting where the encounter with the spiritual self occurs. The South Node is in the opposite house and may describe a familiar place, an area of safety, and a comfort zone which supplies an anchor. However it is also a place where we can become rigid, caught in the safety zone of our complacency. Therefore it suggests an area we must leave to develop and explore our life's pathway. Another metaphor we could use to define the nodal axis is that the North Node is the destination, the station where the path is headed, while the South Node is like the departure point, the station where we embark. The Nodal axis is like a track with the well-worn grooves of the path near the South Node.

Combining both factors of sign and house establish a more individual profile of the essence needing to be to recognised and developed to actualise an individual's potential pathway. Planets aspecting the Nodal axis will also demand attention especially if conjunct either pole of the axis. Planets that square the nodal axis suggest the need to incorporate this energy into the vocation. Therefore these planetary placements in reference to the nodal axis will also be analysed. Following is the description of the lunar nodes in your natal horoscope to help you reflect on your own vocational pathway.

The North Node is in Gemini

In your natal horoscope you have the North Node in Gemini and the South Node in Sagittarius signifying you have access to a breadth of knowledge. Innately you are scholastic, yet ironically schooling may never have brought this out in you. It is through your own course of study, adventure and travel beyond the horizon that have educated you. Through your own personal experiences and training you have accumulated a large library of resources and in your vocation you need to draw on these. The dragon you will fight in your professional life will be the feeling that your hard-won opinions and beliefs are the right ones for everyone. Ironically you will be called on to disseminate your ideas and beliefs but now the righteousness needs to be extracted so these concepts and ideals can be more widely distributed. By nature you are a teacher, an educator and a trainer and your vocation is to inspire others not convince them of your beliefs.

Qualities that need both development and expression in a vocation are concentrated on the faculties of communication and ideas. You need to widen your sphere of influence in order to disseminate your innate knowledge, whether that is through speaking, writing, teaching, broadcasting or telecommunications. Therefore it is important to network, make contacts and be active in the community of colleagues. With your breadth of understanding and intuition you have an uncanny sense of knowing what is right. Let your intuition, innate knowledge and far sightedness lead you concentrating on articulating and forming ideas so that your beliefs can be understood and embraced by the world at large.

Your invitation is to be a correspondent with larger ideas. Since you have an innate knack at seeing the larger picture and the underlying meaning to what is going on you are called to impart these concepts to a wider audience, becoming a practical dreamer, an everyday philosopher. Communication is a necessary part of your vocation. Whether you express your creativity through design, writing, journalism, politics, lecturing, body movements, laughter in not important; what is necessary is that you articulate these creative ideas. Any medium that can offer a venue to exchange ideas, thoughts and information is vital in you feeling vocationally content. Flexibility and the freedom to communicate are paramount. Having an instinct for education and knowledge you are able to marry this with facts, statistics and information, therefore employment which involves telecommunications, the Internet, sales, specialised information, maps, atlases, books, magazines, news, reports, and statistics might appeal. However your vocation finds you, it probably will be when you're on the move, in between or asking the larger questions about life.

The North Node is in the 9th House

The North Node is in your 9th house with the South Node being opposite in the 3rd house. This contrasts the sphere of ideas and information with meaning and imagination. You might be instinctually able to gather together statements, pieces of evidence, figures, statistics and information but in your vocation you will be called upon to infuse these facts with meaning and insight. With the North Node in the 9th you are called to expand your horizons, remove yourself from your familiar surrounds and look farther afield. There are broader issues, wider social parameters and cross-cultural attitudes that want to be developed vocationally. Therefore you might become involved in travel and adventure that exists outside the normal bell curve, find yourself drawn to the study of different religions and cultures to understand others' philosophy of life, or you might be challenged to learn human values and ideals becoming educated in the ageless traditions of human aspirations. Your soul urges you to take flight into the search for meaning and the pursuit of higher values. To do this you need to develop a vision and not get trapped by the details of the smaller picture.

Your comfort zone may be become involved in detailed information and ideas rather than exploring the larger picture. However your vocational probably calls you away from the safety zone of your neighbourhood and all its familiar connections. Vocationally you might be challenged to step away from your schoolmates, your friends and familial surrounds to find what feels missing. What you need to discover is outside these familial and cultural safety sectors. While your career may lead you into information technology or the world of ideas your destiny will be to infuse this area with meaning and imagination, educating and awakening others to greater meaning. Your nodal invitation is to become an educator, inspiring others to become more of who they are. Your gift is that you have an instinctual and intuitive way of being able to express this in a language others understand. Your strategic capacity provides maps for others to follow on their journeys through life.

Mercury is Conjunct The South Node

In your horoscope, Mercury is conjunct your South Node. Mythically he is the fleet-footed messenger of the gods. Changeable and mercurial, he seems to wing his way into our lives at transitional points and threshold crossings. Psychologically this suggests you have an inbuilt instinct that intuits the right time for changes of direction. It also indicates an ability to connect appropriate people and situations together. It is important to recognise that the intelligence of change and the ability to link all your different experiences together in a coherent pattern exists in you. You have inherited an innate intelligence that keeps you one step ahead of others, allows you to adapt to a variety of situations as well as to think on your feet. However the trick is to activate this legacy. To do that you need to be mobile, inquisitive and let the trickster in you do the work.

Astrologically this planet is associated with all forms of communication, expression of ideas, information and exchange of data. This placement suggests this would come naturally to you. So natural you may overlook your own talents; therefore it is important to use your effortless ability to communicate, write, instruct, and share information and facts in your vocation. This suggests that your instinctual facility of communication is essential in securing a fulfilling vocation. Whether you use your expressive ability to market yourself, promote others, sells products, disseminate information, collect data or deliver goods, your mercurial nature needs to function freely in order for you to feel satisfied. Therefore it is imperative that you are able to talk, move and think freely in your work. Simply, as you start to move, or talk about your ideas, the pathway ahead of you becomes much clearer.

Saturn is Square The North Node

In your horoscope Saturn forms a right angle to the Nodal Axis. With Saturn squaring the Nodal Axis you are challenged to be more aware of integrating this archetypal energy into your vocation. The nature of Saturn is to strive for excellence; therefore this becomes a major challenge in your life. However, one of the main trials along your vocational pathway is to find the authenticity of what excellence means to you. No doubt Saturn is our encounter with authority, yet ultimately it is our own abilities that we must encounter. Therefore Saturn demands that you become a specialist, but the speciality you need to master is yourself.

This suggests that you will be acutely aware of the many different forms of rules and regulations and your reactions to them. You feel a strong need for guidance and mentoring, but your experience is often quite different; you learn not all managers are competent, not all systems are effective and not all structures are solid. Therefore, you often feel your integrity and values are at odds with the organizations'. However, it is this lack that pushes you into developing your own authority and integrity. Ironically it is standing alone that your vocational path takes shape. Your strongest ally is time and it is over time that you become acknowledged and respected for your integrity and hard work. Remaining true to your own values and standards is integral to your own success. Hence beware of wasting your time and energy by seeking approval from others who are never likely to give it

Vocation And Direction

Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chart

Many are called, few are chosen: many have talent, few have the character that can realise the talent. Character is the mystery, and it is individual.

James Hillman

The Ascendant and Angular Planets

From the moment of your first breath, your fate was sealed. The Fates that spun the thread also measured its length and then cut the cord to free the spirit. The patterns woven at birth by the Fates were embedded in the soul and it is these soulful designs that have become the template for your human journey. Your genesis is a map for your life. This map is the horoscope, a vibrant multi-layered design of character, potentialities and persuasions.

This moment of birth has defined your orientation to life through four directions known as the angles of the horoscope. Like a compass pointing you along the right path, each one of the four angles plays a major role in defining the direction of your life. Direction and vocation are entwined as along the angles we find the course of our lives.

Your four angles form two planes of experience. The first plane of experience is your individual and personal orientation to the world detailing your personality, your outlook on life and your natural inclination towards partnership. This is the angle of the ascendant, the degree of the zodiac rising at the moment of your birth. This helps describe your motivation to life and therefore what personal traits you can bring to your vocation. The polar position on this plane is known as the descendant, the degree of the zodiac setting on the horizon when the Fates cut the cord. Here the astrologer reads the patterns and potentialities of merging your personality with a soul mate. In a vocational analysis this is also important to read in terms of co-operation with others.

The second plane of experience is an inherited view of the world, shaped by ancestry and familial lines. Along this polarity of angles you experience the impact of your family or origin on your direction as well as the expectations and influences placed upon you. Embedded in this plane of experience are familial patterns and fate shaping your direction and vocation. The angle of the IC reveals the atmospheric conditions of your early familial experiences while the opposite angle suggests your destiny in the world, strongly influenced by parental and societal expectations.

Therefore to familiarise yourself with these influences will add to your understanding of vocation. The ascendant marks the birth point and is metaphoric of your natural disposition and outer image. This describes your natural outreach and personality traits that are spontaneous; in fact this is the person we first meet, the face turned out towards the world. However in the natural wheel of the horoscope the sign on the ascendant is at odds with the signs that rule the cusps of the houses that describe vocation. Therefore as a more integrated self begins to emerge we often experience what we do in the world to be in conflict with whom we feel we are. This is a human challenge to learn to adapt your personality to your vocation. Following is a description of the signs on this axis. Reflect on how these qualities might need to be utilised and adapted to your vocation. If you have a planet that was rising or setting at your birth then this energy needs to be acknowledged as a powerful guide and influence on your vocational path.

Each angular planet could be seen as a guiding force, a daimon or soul force seeking expression through you. If you have more than one angular planet they will have different needs and likely will contradict or conflict with one another. The key as always is to find the right time and venue to be able to express both as fully as possible.

1st House Cusp is in Virgo

When you were born the sign Virgo was rising across the eastern horizon, suggesting that you are ordered and controlled in your approach to life. Before you venture out it is important to have a plan, a program, a list or a map, at the very least an idea, of where you are going. You need to be prepared; once you feel you have taken all the considerations into account, you can relax and let it happen. Feeling relaxed is not spontaneous unless you are composed and surrounded by order. While others might see your attention to details as worrying, you see it as a countdown to take off. Therefore you have innate organisational and structural skills that will come in handy in your vocation. However it is likely that your vocation will involve working with others who may not be as fastidious or as ordered as you. Your work mates may not be as inclined to tidy up the mess, therefore it is important not to be drawn into the chaos of others. Vocationally you are invited to develop your social skills and can earn your living in this way through personnel work, counselling or a range of other people-orientated professions. Therefore you are called on to be more adaptable to others, be open to changing your mind and not letting routine override variety.

Pisces is setting in your horoscope, which implies that even in your personal relationships you are challenged to accept the chaos and lack of clarity of others. Your partners and close friends help you to accept that life does not run on schedule or is as ordered as you might like. No doubt you are in touch with nature's rhythms; it is others that are the challenge. No wonder you often feel more akin to the animal kingdom than the human. But this is your vocation, to work with others in a capacity that informs them of the possibilities of improving their lives. And improvement is something you know how to do with your eyes closed.

Saturn is Opposite The Ascendant

With Saturn on the western angle of your horoscope you are probably attracted to successful people who are structured and disciplined. However you might not be aware of the time, control and dedication these qualities demand, leaving you feeling that there is not enough attention and time for you. Essentially your task is to learn to become more structured, self sufficient and masterful through your relationships. It is through relating to others that you develop your authority and find your own competence. You have a knack of befriending, even partnering your superiors, as you are learning how to differentiate hierarchy from equality and how to delegate and lead. Vocationally your management and people skills will be needed on your career path.

Chiron is Opposite The Ascendant

Chiron was setting at birth casting its influence over the realm of relationships in your life. Part of the pattern will be the recovery and healing of emotional wounds through relationship. You are drawn to those who are emotionally in need to understand how your hurts keep you from being emotionally available. Vocationally you have an aptitude for working with others in a therapeutic way, empathetic to the addict, compassionate to the bereaved and nurturing of the homeless. With Chiron angular your destiny is to be involved with the complexes of others in order to facilitate healing.

Uranus is Conjunct The Ascendant

Unexpected Uranus was rising at your birth endowing you with a unique perspective on life and an independent will that seek to find expression through your personality. Your originality and ingenuity, along with your need for independence, are high priorities on your life path. The highly charged nature of Uranus stresses the physical body; therefore it is important to channel your nervous energy towards practical goals. To feel successful you need to find enough space to be able to do your own thing, feel free enough to express your radical views and feel comfortable being different. The fates have mapped out a road that few will travel, therefore you need your adventuresome and independent spirit as a guide

Pluto is Conjunct The Ascendant

Pluto, the archetype of life and death, was rising when you were born symbolising your birth struggle. Whether literal or figurative your birth would have confronted some situations of death in the atmosphere around you. You are profoundly aware of transition and what must be relinquished to move forward. Endowed with a perceptive and penetrating personality you are acutely conscious of whether others are being genuine or not. This can sometimes intimidate others, especially those unable to be honest with themselves, but you are not too concerned because you are so focused on your own ambitions. At the same time your direct approach also inspires trust and loyalty and allows you to be a powerful force in the world. Your powerful and charismatic personality can befriend you on your vocational pathway as it helps you discriminate and choose what is right for you. Being true to yourself and honest with your feelings opens doors that allow you to become powerful and influential. The power of Pluto to influence the masses and transform public opinion is reflected in careers like marketing researchers, media and vocations of influence, politics, police work, big business and government.

Vocation And Character

Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chart

Character is fate


Considering the Sun and Moon

Whatever Heraclitus meant two and a half millennia ago is a mystery. However, this phrase has captured philosophical attention ever since, as its truth is evident. We do contribute to our fate through forging our character. It is that personal mix of our habits, rituals, values, beliefs, ideals and morals that all inform our character and contribute to our deeper layers of personality. Through time these become forged into who we are; our character becoming our fate. While the world may acknowledge our achievements from work well done, our greatest success lies in self-fulfillment and the satisfaction of a life well lived

Again the astrological horoscope becomes a useful guide to understanding personality characteristics that shape character. Astrologically the three aspects of your horoscope, which are the most relevant in considering your own individual character, are the Ascendant, which we have explored in the last section of this report, and the Sun and Moon. Character is fate and expressed through our life journey. Through examining your Sun and Moon it becomes clearer what you need to identify with and need on your vocational path, and therefore what is necessary to develop and nurture in character. Your Sun sign reveals the virtues that are part of your potential character while the Moon sign suggest what needs are important for you to feel safe in the world. Each individual's character is unique and your description of the Sun and Moon sign will be personalised through other astrological factors. However this is an entrée to begin to consider the virtues and needs of your character.

THE SUN: Virtues of the Essential Self

In the final analysis, we count for something only because of the essential we embody, and if we do not embody that, life is wasted.

C.G. Jung

The Sun is the central focus of its system and therefore represents a multi-dimensional symbol. On one level it is the essential self and the twelve signs of the zodiac, which mark its apparent path through the heavens, represent spiritual concepts and virtues. Each sign characterises qualities of the human spirit. To the ancients the path of the Sun in the sky was akin to the hero’s journey and each sign designated a heroic labour. Astrologically we can present a case for each one of the twelve signs represents a soul state. Therefore when we are in touch with the virtues underpinning our Sun sign we become closer to its spiritual essence and feel closer to the true self. Psychologically this suggests a more soulful and meaningful experience of who we are.

On the other level the Sun is symbolic of our identity, the passport of the self. Of course one of the important considerations of identity besides sex, age and nationality is profession. The Sun is essentially what we might identify as important, what helps us feel vital and good about ourselves. The Sun suggests what we may be skilled at. It might not be easy at first, but as we grow we naturally become more aware of our solar impulse. Therefore in many ways the Sun sign helps shape the vocation, as it hints at what is important to be identified with and qualities that help us excel.

The Sun is in Scorpio

The eighth sign of the zodiac is the most enigmatic of all and has a reputation for being mysterious and powerful. In the northern hemisphere, Scorpio heralded the ending of the year and the sign became associated with fermentation and decay, as death stalked the countryside and announced the time for withdrawal. Astrologically this realm locates the deepest layers of the human psyche, the forge where integrity is fired and shaped through self-analysis. With the Sun in Scorpio you learn to trust your instincts and emotionally differentiate between truth and falseness from an early age. Your emotions can be intense, your feelings deep and powerful, suggesting that in your life you need to experience passion, honesty and intimacy in all walks of life. Vocationally you need to be respected for the power of your feelings and the truth of your convictions.

In Scorpio we encounter the hidden and unexpressed aspects of the self as well as the negative impulses that we must learn to control and direct. Therefore with your Sun in Scorpio you are challenged to summon the psychological strength to contain your compulsions and create space for unwanted feelings. You have the emotional capacity to contain these impulses and the integrity to act honestly and authentically. Therefore you may feel drawn to working with others in difficult situations, dealing with crisis or helping in transition. Your innate capacity to summon inner strength in the face of emotional adversity and loss means you are unafraid to acknowledge the reality of your feelings, mourn for what has past or grieve for what cannot be. Your emotional integrity is therapeutic and transformational, helping others to heal and move forwards through the dark. You have a powerful gift of being able to confront the most difficult truths and feel unashamed of your humanness. Therefore you might feel called to use this in your vocation either as a therapist, healer, counsellor or any other profession where you can combine the complex amalgam of love and honesty in your life work.

Integrity is your virtue, that ability to be painfully honest with those you love, to disclose your own vulnerability and face the truth about what has happened. You have the emotional courage to face the disappointments and anger of others. You also have the capacity to trust in yourself and know that when others let you down, you can forgive them, or more importantly forgive yourself. It is this integrity that allows you to know the depth of intimacy and the power of love. Knowing how to be trustworthy, you are able to contain the fears and vulnerabilities of others. Your integrity inspires others to be honest and open. Through this open exchange trust can be built. At the end your integrity is the key to self-mastery and a clear conscience. To find your vitality and spirit and to feel soulful in the world, you need to strive for honesty, trust and truth using your intuitive and resourceful faculties.

THE MOON: Caring for Your Soul

Care of the soul asks us to observe its needs continually, to give them our wholehearted attention.

Thomas Moore

The Moon is the archetype of care and nurture. From a general overview the Moon reveals what needs are important to satisfy in our vocation. The Moon sign can help to identify what basic requirements are necessary to care for the soul at work. In a vocational capacity the Moon corresponds with the nurturing professions and if the individual is drawn to one of these professions, the Moon sign helps to differentiate what kind of caring could suit its temperament. The planetary sign acts as a filter for the archetypal urge when it seeks expression through the vocation.

The Moon is in Aquarius

With your Moon in Aquarius you are instinctually altruistic and concerned for the welfare of others. Although born to be a humanitarian, you may often struggle with the difference between personal and impersonal relationships, preferring to remain disengaged than be involved emotionally. Ironically you feel safer in the future than the past and therefore are intellectually agile in understanding progress and social development. You need to be involved in the making of the future and therefore are often drawn to science, technology or alternate avenues that help shape the times to come. Therefore it may be difficult for you to feel connected or involved in emotional, sentimental or traditional ways, as your soul is in touch with tomorrow, not yesterday. You are unique and need to express your individuality in whatever you do. Vocationally independence and the lack of rigidity and hierarchy are important. This may lead you into discovering your own tribe of radicals who are able to work in a more egalitarian and self-affirming way.

When you were younger you might have stood out as being different. Your lunch box had different foods or liking different styles may have marginalised you from the group, until you were able to find your own kind. As you matured you needed to express your individuality and differences, as this is an important feature of your character. Your flair for the unusual and new age needs to be acknowledged and considered. Now you might need your uniqueness be more apparent in your vocation. While individualism is important to you, social interaction and intellectual stimulation are as well. To care for your soul you need to be moved by the spirit of being human and strive for the ideals that are inherently a part of who you are. No doubt you need a progressive, inventive and forward-looking career path, in which you creatively contribute to designing the future.

If you are called to the nurturing professions then your Moon in Aquarius would lean towards alternate or complementary healthcare. Naturally you are drawn to the unusual and may have developed unique methods to help others. Being acutely aware of social process you work well with groups and organisational reform.


Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chart

The worth of someone is deeply tied to images of destiny, the twists and turns of fate, and the wheels of fortune. The same is true of money. Our relation to money is our relation to fate.

The Rich Resources of Your Life

Traditionally the 2nd House is associated with money and the accumulation of assets. In a vocational sense the 2nd house details our earning capacity, income and resources. Psychologically this is the sphere where self esteem and personal values are shaped by our early experiences. It is where we learn what is ‘mine’, how to share, trade and exchange articles of value. Self worth, the impact of familial values, the substance and significance we place upon our efforts, income received or value returned are all intimately interwoven into the fabric of this house. In the modern climate of the corporate world, pay replaces satisfaction in the workplace; yet the secret of the 2nd house is that fulfilment is intimately tied to the expression of our skills and resources, not wages. Having found the wellspring of our talent, money follows. Pleasure is experienced through apprenticeship and mastery of our skills and talents, not through economic management.

The 2nd House suggests innate resources, which can be developed and valued. In a literal sense these are ‘traded’ for income or other rewards which support us in the world. This area suggests our innate strengths, skills and talents that must be utilized in earning our living. Psychologically these are our personal assets and resources, which sustain and support us in our career. Talent not only refers to our natural abilities and capacity for success, but also in ancient times was a weight of gold or a monetary unit. The secret of the 2nd house is to recognize that it is our innate talents and skills that bring our wealth and living. This house also describes what we value and also what gives us value. In a way it describes what we like to do. Consider what you appreciate and desire. Your 2nd house is indicative of what you desire and planets in this house reveal what you might attract because of your values and desires.

The sign on the cusp of the house symbolizes aspects of the assets you need to use in a resourceful way. The sign suggests what needs to be valued in your vocation, the natural style of earning an income, as well as your attitudes towards wages and money. 2nd house planets reveal the earning style and literally may suggest how you earn your living or your patterns and relationship to money and possessions. These are the archetypal urges needing to be expressed in a skillful and resourceful way in your career. Planets here are the forces that shape your sense of worth and value and help you tap into your innate resources. It is important that you use these skills and resources in supporting your own sense of self-esteem. Symbolically, understanding this archetypal presence in your life can help unravel any damaging patterns that support an impoverished sense of self or a disapproving attitude towards money and possessions. Forging an alliance with this energy helps you create a supportive and positive approach to your sense of worth which in turn influences the way the world values you.

2nd House Cusp is in Libra

The sign Libra is on the cusp of your 2nd house, revealing ways to enhance your sense of self-esteem and personal worth. Qualities you need to value are your diplomacy and tact, your sophistication and refinement as well as your social ability and skills at relating. All these will come in handy on your vocational path. Even though you might find your career has many avenues, you appreciate a sense of fair play, peace and harmony in the work place. Your innate skills in dealing with others suggests that you have an ability to compromise, see all sides of the situation and negotiate a fair outcome. This know how might lead you into vocations working alongside others where negotiation, diplomacy, communication, bargaining, mediation, reconciliation or teamwork are a vital aspect of your work. Your diplomatic skills also come in handy in hospitality and creating pleasant and friendly professional atmospheres. With so many choices on your career path you might feel unable to commit to just one. No need to, as you will probably have many changes along the way. However when you find a job that allows you to earn your living beautifying the world you have found your niche. So whether you are decorating, painting, designing, you are most satisfied when you are involved in creative and artistic work.

Libra is the sign of balance. Being in the income sector of your horoscope suggests that you need to value an even-keeled approach to making money and lifestyle. You have an appreciation of art and beauty and value the refined things in life. Your tastes develop as you mature and being able to afford good quality and beautiful things is important for you. However it is not important enough to risk feeling out of control or in great debt, as you also value your independence and ability to make choices. You like order and feeling that you are seesawing back and forth by trying to keep up is unsettling and anxiety producing. Therefore balance is the key in your lifestyle choices.

The secret to success, feeling valued and in step is in developing solid relationships and friendships. You value being part of a team, the other half, or an intimate friend. Ironically this provides you with a great sense of worth. This also suggests that you may derive your income in a partnership or have investments with others. You have the knack of how to make money for others. Therefore it is necessary to be clear and contractual in your financial dealings with partners and friends. You have an innate skill at negotiation, the development of fair trade practices and contracts; therefore it is important to do this for yourself. Justice and fair play are important and you need to remember this when forging your own work agreements, mutual investments or work contracts. Once you clearly negotiate your own values and share these with others, you feel free enough to be wealthy.

The Sun is in the 2nd House

The Sun is in your house of resources, suggesting that assets and income are important to you and in some way your identity is shaped by your attitudes towards ownership and possessions. The Sun indicates the building of ego strength and identity in the world; being in the 2nd house this suggests that confidence is forged through the expression of your individual skills and abilities, especially when it comes to turning your innate talents into income. Building of a successful career with disposable income is intimately tied to your feelings of confidence. In other words when you feel connected to the inner self, cash flows. On the other hand when you lack a sense of identity or importance you might compensate for this feeling of inferiority through finances and possessions, finding power in money, rather than the self. Displaying wealth or boasting of your properties or stock portfolio is a sure sign of overcompensation for feelings of inadequacy. Prestige and possessions are bound together with this astrological signature and it is up to you to find the appropriate channels for this expression. Ultimately the power of money helps to free the sense of self and facilitates you to find what is important and valuable in your life. You are naturally generous and giving; however when this turns to extravagance, the unconscious reveals a lack of self esteem.

Financial security is realised through your strengths and courage. You have a great resource in yourself, a high degree of creative ability and a flair for placing yourself in the right circumstance. To be successful at building your assets and income you need to express your individuality and uniqueness and find the courage to express your creativity in the job. You need to put your own mark on whatever you do and therefore it is important to speak up, find your voice and express your talents. Keep rehearsing. Don't be afraid to audition for the part or be interviewed for the job, as you need to put yourself forward to be known. Acknowledgement and approval contribute to your feelings of worth and value; however, they are not a given. You need to seek these out. On a personal level, your relationship with father may underpin your feelings of worth and value. If these were impoverished then you might be at risk of carrying these feelings into the world of work. However, this placement suggests you rebuild your confidence and self worth through work and by expressing your skills and talents in the creative sphere of the world.

Vocationally your skills may range from the entertainment or self-improvement professions through to working with children. There are a variety of ways your talents could be profitable. But the bottom line is always your need to put your creative self at the centre of what you do. One sure way of knowing if you are on the right track is your level of vitality and energy. When you are in the right position and expressing your skills and talents your energetic level and vitality will be high. So will your income. But when you are in the wrong place you will feel drained. Make sure you are able to shine in whatever you are doing.


All work is a vocation, a calling from a place that is the source of meaning and identity, the roots of which lie beyond human intention and interpretation.

Thomas Moore

The Labours of the 6th House

Astrologically, the 6th House is an eclectic territory associated with many facets of daily life. All these components of the 6th House suggest everyday routines that are necessary to maintain order and coherence in order to contain the chaos of life. The 6th House recommends ways to remain focused and cantered. When we lose touch with this thread of continuity, chaos fills the void with stress, loss of direction and purposelessness. The 6th house also indicates the areas of the body susceptible to carrying the stress when work is not nurturing or fulfilling. When we are not able to en-soul our everyday life with our work, then we are reminded of our distress by complaints of the body and the mind. Literally work makes us sick.

Vocationally the 6th house symbolizes what is compatible with our nature and what we need in our work to feel fulfilled, therefore less stressed. Traditionally the 6th house describes occupation; it illustrates the routine conditions of the job, the daily responsibilities and activities involved in performing job tasks that contribute to personal satisfaction. It also describes the atmosphere and those who share the workspace. Astrological wisdom has always suggested that work and well being are one and the same; to be well we need work that suits our soul. However, 6th house issues can become confused. In our workaday world often duty replaces satisfaction, the process of work is sacrificed for outcome, and ritual becomes obsession. The work instinct is to be productive; however when this turns to duty or perfectionism the enjoyment of work is lost. Analysing the 6th house reveals the most satisfying work environment and routines, and profiles the most rewarding way an individual can be employed. The 6th house is often referred to as a house of service. However, it is where we best serve ourselves through the quality of our employment.

Following is an analysis of your 6th house as described by the sign on the cusp and any planets that occupy this sphere. You will be able to maximize your fulfillment with work by recognizing the routines and tasks that are incompatible with your temperament and therefore create stress. Through becoming aware of daily rituals that support your natural disposition you will feel more satisfied and rewarded by your job. The sign on the cusp of the 6th house is the first clue to rewarding work. Planets in the 6th house are archetypal energies that need to be accessed daily and integrated into your lifestyle. They are life forces that you are fated to meet in the world of work and vocation. In a perfect world we would use them productively through our daily tasks and labours, giving them an expression in the continuity of our daily rituals. Metaphorically work is the way we honour the archetypal force that underlies the planetary expression.

6th House Cusp is in Aquarius

Aquarius is the sign on the cusp of your 6th house, which illustrates what's necessary in the routine conditions of your job in order to feel satisfied. Space is essential for you to be engaged in what you are doing. Not just breathing space, but emotional and mental freedom is a prerequisite for you to feel connected. Sometimes this is accomplished working independently, on your own or even in an area that is marginal to the system. Ironically, with enough independence, legroom and lack of restrictions you are prepared to be more committed and present with your work. It is important that your routines allow you to be innovative and unique, as working in a similar way to others or on identical projects with your workmates will give rise to claustrophobic feelings. Without adequate freedom and independence there could be an overt reaction or disrespect for authority and hierarchy. A fear of entrapment could manifest as an inability to maintain regular employment, choosing to remain outside the system.

Stimulation and excitement are also necessary as you need to be active. You are mentally agile and alert and need to be intellectually motivated or you become restless and uninterested. You may be drawn to technology as a way to engage your thinking. Tasks that require you to be original, farsighted, inventive, future thinking and visionary stimulate you and provide you with the incentive to be involved. Collegial support and participation is important to you, but not at the expense of your individuality. At work you are aligned more with the well being of the group rather than the concerns of individual members within the work group. While this could be translated as disinterestedness, it is just the way you feel comfortable operating. Therefore you have an innate capacity to work with groups either as their team leader, facilitator or even as a member, as long as you have enough autonomy. Hence part of your working life may involve groups or teams.

Altruism may play a role in your job as you are attracted to social concerns, human rights and collective concerns. As a way of becoming involved in the collective you may become caught up in office politics or the one who speaks for the group. On an overall level you are drawn to jobs that are progressive and innovative and ones dedicated to improving the human predicament. Therefore it might be worth considering work involving green politics, environmentalism, sustainability or conservation. It is also important that these concerns become part of your lifestyle. Through work you endeavour to make a difference in the world and this is an important aspect of your working life. Therefore when you are engaged in repetitive and irrelevant tasks you become disenchanted. When stress builds up it is carried by the nervous system. Anxiety, even a panic attack or feeling spaced out and disconnected are the signals that you are out of sync with your work routines. When this happens try breaking your routines and do something different.

Saturn is in the 6th House

Saturn, the planet associated with the 10th house of career, is in your 6th house, suggesting that vocation is highly significant in your life. Here Saturn’s task is to define the self through work and become masterful and authoritative in the sphere of employment. Therefore Saturn is well placed in the 6th house, poised for hard work and success. That is the potentiality of Saturn in the 6th sector of work; but what is the reality? As an archetype Saturn often manifests as being critical because of its high standards and perfectionism, attitudes which you might project onto your work environment expecting it to conform to your values and high standards. The reality of course is that work will not be perfect and you will make mistakes along the way. With this in mind the possibilities for success increase.

First step is to acknowledge your ambition and your goals. Innately you want to play by the rules, work hard and ethically, adhere to a routine and get acknowledged for your accomplishments. Unfortunately the work world does not always have the same work ethic as you. Duty and responsibility to your job are high, but others, even your boss, may not share this attitude. In fact you may have already experienced a string of bosses whose competency and dedication were no match for yours. Or found out that all your hard work and dedication will not be utilised in the final process. Feeling defeated, you may turn to complaining about your situation and the lack of management or integrity. Important that you recognise this is a challenge to your authority and autonomy. In other words you get to experience what you won't do when you're the boss. You work best when given the responsibility and control; therefore if that is not there, grumbling will not make it happen. You have to. Part of the fate of Saturn in the 6th house is feeling alone to craft and shape your own job. But once you recognise your hard work and dedication is for your success, not others, you feel more able to guide your own course.

Control is important for you. Therefore you might consider self-employment, or certainly employment where you know the rules and that the opportunity to move ahead is clear. You can work well in a hierarchical structure when there are bosses you respect. Unfortunately, this might be rare. When it occurs then you will take advantage of the learning curve. But if you do not respect your superiors turn the situation to your advantage. You will grow into any job so take your time. Time is on your side. Becoming an authority or at least highly skilled in your chosen field is very important, so you may find that study and training are part of your job spec. Advancement is important for you so it might be necessary to periodically review your goals and your progress. Time management is also important, as you need to make sure you are able to satisfy all the commitments that you take on. When the pressures of work become greater than you can bear you feel it in your back. Bodily aches, a sore back, stiff knees and pains in the neck all remind you that it is time to relax and take time away from work routines. Clocking off is as important as clocking in.

One of your great assets is your persistence and your focus. But when acknowledgement is not there give yourself a pat on the back, a reward or a bonus. While your promotions may not come as fast as you would like, you are noticed for your efforts and achievements and will eventually be acknowledged for these. But you need to stay where you are to find that out!


Every man has is own vocation; his talent is his call

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Status of the Tenth House

The cusp of the 10th house is the Midheaven, the highest point on the ecliptic at our moment of birth. Its elevation in the horoscope suggests a complex of factors: it is the most public area of the horoscope and represents our relationship to and experience of the world; this represents the goal posts which are not only set by ourselves but have been put in place by our ancestors; the MC and 10th house represent the parental expectations and values influencing our career choices. Therefore the 10th house is a very important sphere in considering a fulfilling vocation. In essence it suggests our fate in the world.

Traditionally the 10th house is associated with career. Since career suggests a course of one’s life, the 10th house will play a prominent role in helping to navigate the career path. The 10th suggests where we need to find our authority and autonomy in the world and where we strive to be successful. As the peak of the horoscope the 10th house suggests what we would like to achieve in our relationship with the world. It also suggests the public sphere and how we are recognized in that sphere, either through our professional titles, our achievements or contributions. It is in this arena where we strive to contribute to the world in our own unique way

The sign on the cusp of the 10th house (the Midheaven) suggests the career paths which may be fulfilling and lead to success. The sign also indicates what we want to achieve and where we need to strive for authority. Planets in the 10th house are in the public sphere and seek to be expressed through vocational pursuits and are also heavily influenced by both parental and societal expectations. Planets in the 10th house are the archetypes encountered along your professional path. They represent both resources and challenges met in the career as well as characterize images of a fulfilling vocation.

10th House Cusp is in Gemini

With Gemini culminating in your chart, the need for variety, change and as little routine as possible in both work's nature and environment is important for you. Gemini is a mutable air sign therefore you need lots of room to breathe and move about freely in your working environment. You also need to be surrounded by a shifting landscape that inspires thoughts, ideas, and techniques. Like you, Gemini is born a communicator, so whether it is an idea, an image, an experience or an event, it is imperative that you are able to communicate this as effectively as possible. Communication underpins your vocation and you are able to creatively express yourself through a myriad of ways. Whether it is through design, writing or lecturing, body movements, laughter or any other medium that offers a venue to express ideas, thoughts and information your calling is to exchange information and express your ideas. Flexibility and the freedom to communicate are paramount. There are many ways to express your ideas; for instance you could be as a reporter, a journalist, a writer, a teacher, a translator, and an announcer or occupied in another facet of the communications industry. Whatever you choose, you will always need space to feel unencumbered by the system.

That restlessness so visible in your vocation may be your instinctive search to find what is missing. You might be preoccupied with finding your other half, your lost twin, the final piece of the jigsaw, or solving the who-dun-it. With such a highly charged nervous system your vocation needs to offer you lots of mental, physical and emotional space. A confined space, a rigid routine or repetitive task increases your anxiety and stress levels. Therefore you are unlikely to work in a confined office unless you have plenty of variety in your job. You are more likely to be working in the field in sales, or public relations, marketing, secretarial or postal services, or perhaps as a cab, bus or courier driver. Your love of facts and information is so important in your job; therefore professions which involve telephone work, the internet, sales, specialised information, maps, atlases, books, magazines, news, reports, and statistics will all be appealing to the part of you that loves learning. At the beginning of the day you long to be involved in some lively interchanges, discussing ideas, facts, even gossip. But at the end of the day you will need to know that you have learned something new.

Agile and dextrous you are able to express yourself through the versatility of body movement or the sleight of hand. Professions involving graphics, drawing, designing, sketching, which include the dexterity of both mind and hand are well suited as well: for instance drafting, calligraphy, design and illustration. As long as information flows you are content. Perpetually youthful you are also adept at setting your career sails to take advantage of the winds of change. Duality also plays a starring role in your vocation. Whether this manifests as having two careers at once or being torn between two professions, it certainly implies change and flexibility in your professional life and the roles this brings.

Ideas are not meant to be ideologies, communication is not communion. It is satisfying enough to move with your ideas, share your thoughts, write down your experiences, and communicate your feelings. Then your Sagittarian cousins can invest your ideas and thoughts with significance. When your vocation does not offer you this wide experimentation ground or room to test all the possibilities your spirit becomes agitated and nervous, scattering its ideas on barren ground, unable to mature in the world. Heed the call of communication and grace the world with your wit and wisdom.

Jupiter is in the 10th House

In your 10th house you have the planet Jupiter, known for its expansive, positive and confident nature. Careers involved in expanding people's understanding of themselves and the world around them, or administering to individual’s religious and soul-needs are Jupiterian and suited to your temperament. Philosophers, philosophy teachers, the realms of literature, ministers, clergymen, motivational instructors, educators and coaches are under the influence of Jupiter and any of these roles would provide a focus for this expansive energy. Jupiter also is associated with team sports, the sporting industry, adventure and is connected to horse racing, sporting goods, team sports, explorer, adventure guides. One of the consistent themes in your vocation will be the urge to expand and stretch yourself beyond the limits that were set by your family and culture. You have the urge to exceed the expectations that were set down.

Jupiterian vocations educate and inspire others to a greater understanding; therefore professors, university lecturers and tutors, teachers of higher wisdom utilise the archetype of Jupiter in their careers. Cross-cultural contacts, travel and dealing with international concerns are also part of pattern, including vocations in the foreign service, import/export trade, protocol, ambassadors, foreign trade, interpreters, missionaries, travel consultants and industry, foreign affairs, international contacts. As part of education Jupiter rules the dissemination of information and ideas: publishing, author, advertising, telecommunications industry

As the chief Olympian Zeus (Jupiter) was the most influential of the gods and this archetype seeks to influence and impact others with their ideas, generally through 'education'. Teaching, instructing, publishing, coaching, guiding and mentoring is the common denominator of all Jupiterian professions. Your urge will be to educate and disseminate information that will enhance understanding and improve the quality of life. It is imperative that you bring your vision and your ethics to whatever career you choose. You are an eternal student and traveller and it is important that you bring your visionary and optimistic spirit into any role you play in the world.


Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chart

Every man has is own vocation; his talent is his call

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost

A Considered Vocation

Fulfillment in the world is more a product of who we are, not what we do. Our vocational nature implies a path of individuation, a road 'less traveled by', and in some ways, a road still under construction. Hopefully this astrological consideration of your vocational potentialities has helped you reflect on a fulfilling career path.

Astrological consideration of a vocation also needs to be placed in the context of the life cycle. Adolescents greatly benefit from a traditional examination of the vocational patterns in the horoscope to help confirm and inspire their career plans. However in adult years, especially when on the verge of mid-life (36+), the urge to find meaning and purpose through vocation is more the issue. Vocation is a lifelong task and one that is at the heart of the individuation process and the lenses through which we view vocation need to be re-examined and rechecked at every new stage of the life cycle.

Birth Chart of Shahrukh Khan: 02 Nov 1965 02:30, Delhi, India. 28N40'00, 77E13'00

Birth Chart of Shahrukh Khan

The Birth Planets of Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartmoon14°55Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartAQUARIUS5F
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartsun09°13Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSCORPIO2F
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartmercury29°29Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSCORPIO3F
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartvenus25°47Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSAGITTARIUS4F
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartmars20°42Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSAGITTARIUS4F
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartjupiter01°01Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartCANCER10R
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartsaturn10°37Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartPISCES6R
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Charturanus18°21Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartVIRGO1F
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartneptune19°20Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSCORPIO3F
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartpluto17°49Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartVIRGO1F
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartchiron18°18Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartPISCES7R
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartnorthnode04°59Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartGEMINI9R
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartsouthnode04°59Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSAGITTARIUS3R
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartascendant15°10Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartVIRGO1R
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartmidheaven14°28Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartGEMINI9R

The Birth Aspects of Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartmoonShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSQUAREShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartsun
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartmoonShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSESQUISQUAREShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartjupiter
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartmoonShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSQUAREShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartneptune
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartmoonShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartQUINCUNXShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartascendant
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartmoonShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartTRINEShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartmidheaven
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartsunShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSEMISQUAREShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartvenus
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartsunShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartTRINEShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartsaturn
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartmercuryShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartOPPOSITIONShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartnorthnode
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartmercuryShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartCONJUNCTIONShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartsouthnode
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartvenusShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartCONJUNCTIONShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartmars
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartvenusShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartOPPOSITIONShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartjupiter
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartmarsShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSQUAREShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Charturanus
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartmarsShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSQUAREShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartpluto
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartmarsShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSQUAREShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartchiron
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartmarsShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSQUAREShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartascendant
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartmarsShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartOPPOSITIONShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartmidheaven
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartsaturnShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSQUAREShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartnorthnode
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartsaturnShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSQUAREShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartsouthnode
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartsaturnShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartOPPOSITIONShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartascendant
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartsaturnShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSQUAREShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartmidheaven
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth CharturanusShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartOPPOSITIONShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartsaturn
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth CharturanusShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSEXTILEShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartneptune
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth CharturanusShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartCONJUNCTIONShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartpluto
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth CharturanusShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartOPPOSITIONShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartchiron
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth CharturanusShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartCONJUNCTIONShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartascendant
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth CharturanusShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSQUAREShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartmidheaven
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartneptuneShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSEXTILEShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartpluto
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartneptuneShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartTRINEShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartchiron
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartplutoShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartQUINCUNXShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartmoon
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartplutoShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartOPPOSITIONShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartsaturn
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartplutoShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartOPPOSITIONShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartchiron
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartplutoShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartCONJUNCTIONShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartascendant
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartplutoShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSQUAREShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartmidheaven
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartchironShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartCONJUNCTIONShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartsaturn
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartchironShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartOPPOSITIONShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartascendant
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartchironShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSQUAREShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartmidheaven
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartnorthnodeShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartOPPOSITIONShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartsouthnode
Shahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartascendantShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSQUAREShahrukh Khan Astrology, Natal Chart, Birth Chartmidheaven