Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Natal Chart Money Report

Born: 29 Jan 1954, 04:30, Kosciusko, Mississippi. Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money and Natal/Birth Chart Report

Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough.

Oprah Winfrey

Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Gail Winfrey, African American actress, business women and hostess of the highest rated talk show in television history, is one of the richest American women in the world and, acccording to several assessments, the most influential woman in the world.

Born illegitimate, raised by being shuffled between various kin and the victim of several years of sexual abuse, lead to adolescent rebellion and lifelong insecurity. Oprah Winfrey's story is living proof of a self-made person despite the odds. Astrology Yard's interpretation of her natal chart below, focuses specifically from a finiancial prosperity perspective.

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Financial Astrology, Money Report

Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chart

It has often been said that money does not bring happiness. It can ease some hardships, but on its own money does not make a person happy. Neither does money make a person feel rich. One person can feel wealthy with very little money, while another feels poor with a great deal. Money worries do not seem to subside when more is accumulated; in fact they often increase

In modern times more and more an indisputable link can been seen between integrity and finance. Money is not just a powerful symbol in culture but an important reality in everyday lives, as the Money, Finance and Business sections of daily newspapers attest. This report has highlighted some of the indicators in your Horoscope that point to your instinctual relationship with money. Sometimes the description might not match your experience or understanding, and sometimes contradictions can be read, but nonetheless the lessons are true. Reflecting upon the astrology will help you to become more aware of how money works in your life and how it is intimately bound up with your personal values. Money is not just a commodity, but is also a symbol of value and worth.

It is rare to meet someone who is indifferent to money. Money is a serious affair; it does matter. The word money finds its way into our modern language from the Latin word ‘moneta’ meaning mint. In the 3rd Century BCE the Romans established a mint at Juno Moneta's temple, which lasted for the next four centuries. The image of the goddess appeared on one side of the coin holding the scales in one hand and the cornucopia in the other, symbols of weighing up and balancing the abundance that the goddess provided. Ironically money has its taproot in a deeper wellspring.

Money plays an important role in your culture and society. It is also a psychological symbol and like all psychic complexes your relationship with it will be complex and complicated. As a psychic symbol, money is part of your fate; therefore becoming aware of your relationship with it helps you become more conscious of its patterns in your life. Gaining an understanding of money and its place in your life can greatly assist in helping you to accept your circumstances and live in an easier flow of life, and an easier relationship with money.

This report has been aimed at helping you understand what role money plays in your life, what you truly value and in helping you focus on your soul’s purpose.

Your Money Temperament

Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chart

There are people who have money and there are people who are rich

Coco Chanel

French Fashion Designer

This section reflects on your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign (or Ascendant). The trinity of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant depict character and temperament. In this section each is considered separately, based on your Horoscope’s perspective on money. In the last section of this report all three are blended into an ancient formula known as the Part of Fortune.

In your Birth Chart the Sun depicts a driving force and is key to your identity and distinctiveness. This section does not interpret your Sun Sign in general terms, but is referring specifically to how it shapes your attitude to money and possessions. In a way the Sun is indicative of what you value, what emphasis you place on money and possessions and your ability to attract riches. Being “rich” means different things to different people; therefore this section outlines what you value, how you might feel rich. Money does not always equal a feeling of being rich. Perhaps you value freedom more than you value money? Maybe you feel rich when you are surrounded by friends and plain simple fare? On the other hand, perhaps security and money are most important.

Your Sun Sign can indicate an ability to attain great wealth; for instance your Sun in the Sign of Capricorn, Taurus or Aries could indicate great wealth. Each of these Zodiac Signs has different traits that attract wealth in different ways. If your Sun resides in one of the Angular Houses (mentioned below in this report) then you also have the ability to be wealthy. The idea is that the Sun shines its light either dimly or brightly on the wealth sectors of your Birth Chart. The placement of your Sun also shows you how you shine in the world. If you are shining brightly then you are likely to attract health, wealth and happiness. You glow and are rewarded. Your warmth, goodwill and confidence attract attention and you are able to attract riches.

The Moon can also be a strong driver when it comes to financial matters, especially psychologically and emotionally. Emotions and money are strongly linked. “Retail therapy” is commonly acknowledged as an antidote to a “down” day, yet managing emotions with material band-aids is rarely going to address the underlying forces. While an understanding of your own emotional nature is vital for self-acceptance it is not part of this report’s purpose. In this section the Money report outlines how your Moon and your emotions can influence your spending habits. When it comes to money your Moon can either help or hinder your ability to successfully handle money matters. Also what does money mean for you? What emotional need does it satisfy? Do you see money as a means of freedom, or does it provide security? Does money represent love? Do you feel more loved when someone shares their resources? These are the types of questions to ask and which your Moon will help you understand.

When reading this report take the best traits from both your Sun and Moon Signs and combine them to help you understand your value system and your emotional needs when it comes to money. This helps you learn how you can best approach your own attitude to money, your spending habits and how to invest. If your Sun and Moon are in the same Zodiac Sign then you reinforce the message and you need to look to your Ascendant to see how to best move forward.

Your Ascendant is outlined as a beacon that points to your purpose in life. While money is an important component it is rarely the source of true happiness. Your Ascendant depicts how you can find purpose and meaning in your life. This helps you inject your material world with spiritual values. Health, wealth and happiness are all derived from living a worthy life. A meaningful life is one which incorporates spiritual values, not just monetary ones. True joy is often felt when you are living in sync with your soul’s purpose. This report focuses on money and its place in your Birth Chart and life, but true meaning also comes from living true to yourself. Your Ascendant is a primary signpost which guides you to a life of true worth.

The Sun is in Aquarius

Money is not one of your priorities in life. Your main aim is to connect with other people. This is not necessarily a “touchy-feely” connection but rather an appreciation of your fellow human beings. You are a quirky individual who is also a team player. This is one of the paradoxes in your personality. You are independent and yet you love to be part of a group. You are likely to understand the importance of money, but not necessarily for your own use. You can see how money can be used to help others, or activate a cause. The ways in which you earn your money, and spend it can vary widely throughout the course of your life. If you are a practical, down-to-earth Aquarian then you are likely to work in sales, transport, or a large business. You enjoy being a cog in the wheel, playing your part. However, if you have other influences then you are likely to yearn for stimulation in your working environment. You may change jobs frequently, or become the perpetual student. On the other hand you may be passionate about a cause, and work for an organisation. You may also be at the cutting edge of an invention, discovery or brave new world. This is what you cherish – the thrill of making a difference through new technology or thinking. You do not work for money, but rather for what the work gives you personally. As American inventor Steve Wozniak said: “My goal wasn't to make a ton of money. It was to build good computers.” Of course, you have to pay the bills, although sometimes the odd bill or two may go amiss. However, your aim is to enjoy your labour and the fruits of it. Money and possessions come and go in your life, perhaps frustrating your loved ones, but you are happy. You know that life is for living to the fullest and you don’t fret the details.

You are likely to have fixed ideas about certain areas of life, perhaps a strong set of values which guide you throughout your life. Some might call you stubborn. This is not necessarily a negative trait when put to good use. Think of Aquarian Abraham Lincoln. He was a powerful leader who stood up for the rights of his people and his attitude to money encapsulates your Aquarian view of money;

The government should create, issue and circulate all the currency and credit needed to satisfy the spending power of the government and the buying power of consumers.... The privilege of creating and issuing money is not only the supreme prerogative of Government, but it is the Government's greatest creative opportunity. By the adoption of these principles, the long-felt want for a uniform medium will be satisfied. The taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest, discounts and exchanges. The financing of all public enterprises, the maintenance of stable government and ordered progress, and the conduct of the Treasury will become matters of practical administration. The people can and will be furnished with a currency as safe as their own government. Money will cease to be the master and become the servant of humanity. Democracy will rise superior to the money power.

In other words you are more interested in the needs of the people rather than those of the individual.

The Moon is in Sagittarius

You are a born philosopher applying your wisdom to all walks of life. Outgoing Archers are generally adventurous, adopting the philosophy that life is for living to the fullest. If you are an active Sagittarian then you are likely to be found outdoors, travelling, taking part in sporting events or perhaps public speaking or teaching. Inward looking Archers are likely to be pondering the wonders of the world, studying, teaching, preaching, lecturing, writing or working behind the scenes for a beloved cause. For these reasons you are unlikely to be a steady employee in an office job, preferring a form of income that comes from contract work, travel jobs or some such. You may also enjoy being self-employed. You need to exercise some caution when it comes to financial investments. Your gung-ho attitude to life can also be reflected in your money management skills. While you do seem to easily attract financial success, you can also lose your monetary advantage by being too laissez-faire. It is true that you do not seek security, but money does come in handy for the kind of life that you wish to lead. You cannot always rely on others generosity. So what do you value most? Do you value money and possessions? It is more likely that your currency is that of knowledge. Your wealth is wisdom. Unless you have other influential factors in your birth chart then money is important only in that it gives you the freedom to learn more about life, the world and the universe. Nevertheless you are likely to enjoy the benevolence of other people at some time during your life. Not that you particularly care. While you are appreciative, you also are not attached to money or possessions. You may highly value possessions such as books which broaden your horizons, a computer or device that links you to people from other parts of the globe or even a costly subscription to an artistic organisation. However, you are also likely to discard those possessions, making sure that they are passed on to someone else who can value them, once you have learnt all that you can. You are a generous soul. Money and possessions themselves are not what drives you. You value the getting of wisdom, the communion of cultures and the world as whole. Your arrows reach far from your bow.

The Ascendant is in Sagittarius
The effervescent nature of Sagittarius is prominent when placed on the Ascendant in your Birth Chart. Your enthusiasm for life and the adventures that it offers is contagious. As such you are a natural teacher, traveller, philosopher and educator. Your purpose is not so much linked with money but rather with the riches that can be gained from education and knowledge. Life has meaning when you are “getting wisdom”. You're open-minded, honest, idealistic, jovial, impulsive and a sometimes deep thinker. You view life as a continual adventure with many exciting lessons, experiencing good fortune on your travels. Your irrepressible enthusiasm is irresistible, and others are keen to join your adventures.
You're ardent, affectionate, and kind-hearted. Your biggest challenge when it comes to money is showing restraint. You are likely to attract money and good fortune throughout life but you need to learn to use your own, and other people’s resources wisely. Grandiose money making schemes and expensive holidays can quickly dry up funds. If you can restrain your impulses and harness your positive traits then you're likely to be fortunate in life and an inspiration to others. If you would like to focus on a positive affirmation connected to money then with your Sagittarian Ascendant you could use this one;

I create money and abundance through joy, aliveness, and self-love

Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

Creating Money – Keys to Abundance

Your Relationship With Money

Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chart

Money is usually attracted, not pursued.

Jim Rohn

American Entrepreneur

Intrinsic to Venus is beauty. During her perfectly symmetrical cycle she is brightly visible in morning and evening skies at different times. Her disappearance out of the western skies and resurrection in the east led the ancients to see her as a dual goddess of both heaven and earth. Venus is pleasure and beauty, both in body and in spirit.

In astrological tradition Venus symbolises what is attractive, pleasurable, beneficial and advantageous. Her heavenly and earthy aspects shine through her connection with the Zodiac Signs Libra and Taurus. In her earthy Taurean domain she embodies the values and resources of the material world representing what you find attractive as well as your ability to be attractive. Venus is the law of attraction placing value on what is worthwhile; therefore energetically attracting what is of substance. Being aligned with resources, treasures, fortunes and ornaments, Venus became associated with money as a commodity of exchange. On an economic level Venus symbolises money, as the unit of trade. Venus is relationship-orientated; hence money implies exchange and trade. Money invites us to forge a relationship with what we find attractive, pleasurable and worthy, not only materially, but psychologically and spiritually as well. Venus’s two sides make a whole; in her spirited and aesthetic side, she needs a soulful relationship with the material world. In this way she represents an inner sense of worth and value that yearns to be appreciated, honoured and respected. In psychological jargon this is your self-esteem, your inner worth, innate values and authentic merit. Venus symbolises the process of becoming worthy and deserving to feel abundant, pleasured and prosperous.

Being the goddess of sexuality and love, Venus also focuses on relating. Venus themes in relationship centre on shared values, feeling loved and appreciated, pleasure, affection and sensuality. Therefore, Venus’s archetypal pattern often gets entangled in issues of both love and money, as popular song lyrics often illustrate. Are diamonds really a girl’s best friend? Is it true that money can’t buy me love? Can money compensate or substitute for love? Venus’ rulership over money is multidimensional: on the material level it is cash and currency, stocks and bonds, funds, investments, assets, capital, diamonds and gold. On other levels it is your personal values and inner aesthetics. On a deeper soulful stratum it is in your self-acceptance and self-love where money’s taproot finds its sustenance.

Following is a reflection on the Zodiac Sign of your Venus in your Birth Chart including what you might be attracted to and what you attract to you. What are your money patterns, issues and strengths? Venus too symbolises your authentic attitudes to deeply-held personal values, internal worth, self-esteem and your capacity to love. Ironically it is this capacity to love and give freely that is the key to the lock on your money vault. Let’s consider your Venus sign as a metaphor for your personal law of attraction and your innate relationship and attitudes towards money and values.

Venus is in Aquarius

While you may be fairly conservative, when it comes to love and money this is not the case. Aquarius has a reputation for being off centre, following its own beat and doing its own thing. Money may not be that fascinating to you, but unusual and original ways of making it are. Independence and not being tied down to systems are both important so money is needed to help free you from the routines of a work-a-day world. Both Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker share Venus in Aquarius and before their lives went pear-shaped, they made millions from their unusual evangelistic lifestyle. There is money to be made following what you believe to be true. No matter how alien and strange it might seem to the kin you grew up with, there is a market for your unusual talents and skills out there. As technology opens up many new possibilities, you can cast your net wider. However, as social media becomes the norm and is more socially accepted, you will need to find another niche. No worries as you value the challenge of not being in the mainstream.

You respect the ability to think outside of the square. Therefore you appreciate cutting edge ideas, new technologies, futuristic designs, free speech and progressive media. As you value your advanced ideas more and listen to your own counsel you attract money and opportunity. Since you value change you will find that when you take the risk to move forward, life supports you. So the flow of money may never be regular but what happens is that it comes in unexpected ways and there are always opportunities for development when you open up your mind to the possibilities. You value the psyche which means that you put faith in omens, you expect miracles and you listen to your dreams. If not, then you should as these are coded scripts that are helpful for your evolvement. You appreciate the idea of vibration and energy and have the skill of being able to attract what you need, including money, through your positive intention and affirmations.

Friends are important, as they support your adventures, escapades and schemes. But with Venus here, you may be at risk of confusing friendship and relationship, or more likely you might attract those who want to be more than a friend. Loving a friend has a different set of rules as the levels of intimacy are not as intense. Hence mixing money and friends may also be difficult. You play by rules of equality and individuality, but not everyone shares the same altruism. Entering into financial deals with friends needs to be well thought through. When friends become business partners the rules change and so contacts and agreements are essential. Lending money to friends is also a risk, as Mark Twain pointed out: “The holy passion of friendship is so sweet and steady and loyal and enduring a nature that it will last through a whole lifetime if not asked to lend money”. You value friendship highly because it promotes your sense of freedom and familiarity. Sex and money can change that because there is a new set of expectations.

Your self-esteem and worth is bolstered through your participation with social groups and the community. Being able to contribute to a group of like-minded others plays a pivotal role in your feeling valuable. You may forge strong relationships in the community, as this is where your resources will be valued. Friendships and an active, supportive social circle are areas of great fulfilment that bring pleasure into your life. As you begin to value your role as a citizen of a larger network, you are more valued for your participation. The resources of the community are also there to be used to support you and when you take advantage of these you create more opportunities for yourself. Money is all around and you find your money stream through the value and worth you place on your unique talents and role in the community.

Your Personal Income

Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chart

The art of living easily as to money is to pitch your scale of living one degree below your means.

Sir Henry Taylor

English Dramatist and Poet

Astrological tradition has always associated the 2nd House with money and the accumulation of assets. When astrologers are asked questions like ‘will I be rich?’ and ‘how will I make money?’ the 2nd House of the Horoscope is the first place to consult. Therefore it is an important consideration in this report.

The 2nd House suggests material riches and also innate resources that can be developed and valued. These are the resources of our personality such as our unique strengths, skills and talents which can be exchanged for income or other rewards. Wealth is multifaceted and not only about money; for some it may be health, peace, family, security. Having found the wellspring of our talent, wealth follows.

This section also describes what we invest with value or what we appreciate and like. This may or may not be money. Psychologically this is the sphere where self esteem and personal values are shaped by your early experiences. Self worth, the impact of family values, the substance and significance you place upon your efforts, income received or value returned are all important to varying degrees. What is pleasant? In our post-modern world what is pleasurable often requires money; but another form of pleasure is experienced through apprenticeship and mastery of our skills and talents, not necessarily through economic management.

Included in this report is a portrait of the Zodiac Sign on your 2nd House cusp and what astrologers call its Ruler. The description of your ruling planet in its House adds another key to unlocking your attitude to money and also whether or not you place importance on money or elsewhere. This ruler is unique in each horoscope.

As far as money is concerned what is most important is whether or not you have a planet in the 2nd House. These 2nd House planets reveal your earning style and suggest how you earn your living or your patterns and relationship to money and possessions. You can liken the planets in the 2nd House to the importance that you place on money, the role that it plays in your life and perhaps the complexes you have about money.

2nd House Cusp is in Aquarius

Aquarius is on the cusp of your 2nd House, suggesting that you might have your own unique and individual way of relating to money! Even though it is traditionally ruled by Saturn, Aquarius is progressive and future orientated, looking to what is ingenious and cutting-edge to establish its sense of worth and value. Therefore you need to capitalise on your progressive, electric, altruistic and technological talents in whatever way you can. It also suggests that you feel satisfied and valued when you are able to be both inventive and individualistic.

With this combination it is likely that you may find yourself earning your living in a radically different way than you had ever imagined. This might be difficult to picture, as you may feel your personality is too conservative. Therefore, to imagine this possibility, you might need to reflect on the conservative side of your nature and the conventional influences in your life that often criticise your progress and reform. You need to value change and reform in order to feel fulfilled in what you do. Ironically, the more freedom and space you feel and the more detached you are from the need to be acknowledged, the more successful and valued you become.

As your self-esteem is intimately connected with your independence, it is your personal opinions and beliefs that support your own values. They may be marginal to the system but nonetheless sympathetic to you. It is important to recognise that being your own person is more an asset than following tradition for the sake of it. This could suggest you might at times be embroiled in political manoeuvres and changes, but is also important to know that you can detach from these when there is nothing in it for you. Money is going to be found on the road less travelled, not on the well-trodden path of conservative values. As long as you feel independent and in charge of your own space you are able to work in a corporate or collective environment. Taking a risk with your skills and talents enriches your life. Investing in and appreciating your intellectual skills is also relevant to bolstering self-esteem.

Vocationally you are well suited to a variety of innovative, scientific, technological and/or intellectual endeavours that pay off. You also do well when engaged in humanistic and political reforms as your social and personal skills are an asset. Ecological, environmental and humanitarian pursuits also bring your skills to the forefront. Remember you are eclectic and it is in your character to earn your income in bizarre or out-of-the-ordinary ways, well at least in your own way. Value your differences and take pleasure in your humanism and you will find that others support and reward your unique and independent contributions.

Reflect on your attitude towards money. Sometimes you might be ambivalent to money or at other times quite disinterested. When it gets too hard you may disengage from the material sphere and escape into an altruistic one. There may also be some family stories around the nature of money that gets caught up in the dialogue. Astrologically you can be of two minds about money but in the big picture your personality supports a need to be grounded and secure in this area.

Since Aquarius is on your 2nd House cusp, its opposite Sign Leo rules your 8th House. This House polarity in the horoscope symbolises the continuum between mine and ours, or your attitudes and reactions to sharing resources with others. The 2nd House is your bank account, but the 8th is the joint account. With Aquarius on the 2nd sometime you might feel disinterested in money but through your intimate and personal relationships you discover creativity, how you can work with financial concerns in your own way. Resources are not only materialistic. With this combination value lies in your independence and alterative approach to money management. When you feel confident and close to intimate others you feel closer to yourself allowing you to feel freer and less anxious about money.

Ruler of the 2nd House is Saturn
Saturn is in the 10th House

Mythological Saturn has always been associated with time, whether that was with the cyclical nature of the agricultural seasons or the timelessness of the Golden Age. But human time is experienced through the process of ageing; therefore Saturn became linked to the grim reality of age, old age in particular. In astrology the planet Saturn sometimes has the reputation for being leaden and dull, cold and melancholic. Perhaps Saturn reminds us of the tough times, reality and hardships of our lives. Psychologically Saturn is more focused on the tough tasks of self management, self responsibility, discipline and autonomy. Saturn is a sense of self mastery which takes an enormous amount of hard work. And hard work along with setting appropriate boundaries, fostering self improvement, accountability and being personally responsibility is Saturn’s territory. As ruler of your House of personal finance he can bring his acumen and business skills to work. But he is keen on getting the time correct, following the rules and being respectful of tradition and laws. Saturn ruling your 2nd House asks that you be aware of the limits and bring a sense of hard work and integrity into the sphere of your financial concerns.

Saturn is well accommodated in the 10th House. And ruling the 2nd it suggests that your innate resources, skills and talents are drawn into public view or that your chosen career provides you with security, both financially and socially. So the trick is being in that right career and recognising your resources and skills. This combination is also an image of someone who is ‘self-made’ or an individual through time who has forged their path in life. Therefore time is a great ally in building your sense of security as is your determination, ambition and business skills. While acknowledgment about your career choices and decisions may be important, the irony is that it is only there when you recognise and acknowledge your own values and resources.

The Sun is in the 2nd House

Planets in the 2nd House are influential forces on your sense of worth and value. They also indicate your innate resources. The Sun is in your 2nd House suggesting that your confidence, positivity, self-assurance and leadership are sources of your security. Assets and income are important to you and your identity is shaped by your attitudes towards ownership and possessions. For you prosperity and a healthy bank account are signs of achievement. Therefore it is important for you to recognise the extent to which you are identified with the material world. This does not suggest you are money-orientated, but it does suggest that money is something you may identify as important in feeling successful. Therefore it is essential to prioritise the importance of money, material goods and capital in a realistic and honest way, so you can feel comfortable and conscious of your relationship to the world of substance.

The Sun indicates building of self-image, character strength and identity in the world; being in the 2nd House this suggests that confidence develops through expressing your individual skills and abilities, especially when it comes to turning your innate talents into income. Building a successful career and having disposable income is intimately tied to your feelings of confidence. In other words, when you are connected to your purposefulness, your sense of authority, power and authenticity, cash will flow. On the other hand, when you lack a sense of identity or feel unimportant, you might compensate for these inferior feelings through finances and possessions, finding power in money, rather than in your own self worth. Displaying wealth or boasting of your properties or stock portfolio is a sure sign of overcompensation for feelings of inadequacy. Prestige and possessions or power and money are bound together with this astrological signature; therefore it is up to you to find the appropriate channels for this expression. Ultimately the power of money helps you to free your sense of self. This facilitates you to find what is important and valuable in your life. You are naturally generous and giving; however when this turns to extravagance, the unconscious reveals a lack of self esteem.

Financial security is realised through your strength and courage. You have a great resource in yourself, a high degree of creative ability and a flair for placing yourself in the right circumstance. To be successful at building assets and income, you need to express your uniqueness and find the courage to convey your creativity in the job. The secret to feeling financially successful is not necessarily the amount of money you have in the bank, but more the amalgam of confidence and creativity you experience in what you do. Confidence and self-assurance are keys to being resourceful.

You need to put your own mark on whatever you do; therefore it is important to speak up, find your voice and express your talents. Keep rehearsing. Don’t be afraid to audition for the part or be interviewed for the job, as you need to put yourself forward to be known. Acknowledgement and approval contribute to your feelings of worth and value; however, they are not a given. You need to seek these out. On a personal level, your relationship with father may underpin your feelings of worth and value. If these were impoverished then you might be at risk of carrying these feelings into the world of work. However, this placement suggests you rebuild your confidence and self worth through being present and expressing your skills and talents in the creative sphere of the world.

Skills may range from entertainment or self-improvement professions through to working with children. There are a variety of ways your talents could be profitable. But the bottom line is always your need to put your creative self at the centre of what you do. One sure way of knowing if you are on the right track is your level of vitality and energy. When you are in the right position and expressing your skills and talents your energetic level and vitality will be high. So will your income. But when you are in the wrong place you will feel drained. Make sure you are able to shine in whatever you are doing.

Mercury is in the 2nd House

The 2nd House is where astrologers might look to find a sense of stability and sustainability in the character. It is also the financial sector of the horoscope where the planet Mercury is in your natal chart. But Mercury is not known for his constancy or permanency. In myth he is the divine patron of commerce, the god of the marketplace, trade and exchange of money. He is also known as the trickster god and brings his fondness for deceit and theft into the marketplace. Therefore while Mercury here might be flexible and cunning with the cash flow and be adept at trading in the marketplace, it is important to recognise that his sleight of hand may also be in play.

Mercury has a dual face. Astrologically he rules both Gemini and Virgo so both sides of Mercury influence your experiences and attitudes towards money. One side supports an analytical and consistent attitude towards money but the other is more fickle and changeable. Consider both sides of the coin in all financial dealings: is this a serious long-term investment or one for fun, with potential for short term gain but it comes with a big risk? Mercurial images shape shift so what may seem to be a sound investment could turn out to be a sham, or on the other hand what appears to be dodgy could really be beneficial. With Mercury in the 2nd your relationship to money is like quicksilver. It is never dull, always changing. However if you are interested in saving for the future, superannuation or long-term financial goals, be very aware of the unsettled nature of Mercury, who prefers the open road to the stable home.

One of your resources is that you have an innate capacity to read people and situations in the marketplace. You can be flexible with communication and make yourself known in a variety of ways. You are at home in the world of commerce, bargaining, buying or selling, trading, importing and exporting, even communicating about financial markets. E-Bay, Facebook and shopping are the perfect fit for you. Communicating about buying and selling, trading and the market are your forte. If Mercury were given a portfolio in the government he would either be the Minister for Communication and Transportation, the Minister of Information or the Minister for Commerce.

Therefore you could make a living as a trader, salesperson, commercial investor, financial writer, and/or stock expert. You can also thrive in areas where there is a lot of anxiety, movement or change. Whether you are on the floor of the stock exchange, behind a counter on Boxing Day sales or purchasing the latest fashion line in Milan you are at your best when there are lots of activity, challenges, and things to do. Your great skill is thinking on the move, being swift footed and mobile. As the divine patron of writers, Mercury in this sector indicates that you might have a knack for earning your income by story-telling, writing, lecturing, journalism or educating. Whether you are a scriptwriter, songwriter, speechwriter, screen writer, journalist, novelist, columnist or just write in your journal for pleasure, you are satisfied when you are exchanging stories and information. You might be the one delivering the speech, radio announcing, public speaking or teaching, as it is through communication that your find your worth and value. And where there is an exchange of values, there is also currency exchange.

To be realistic would be to suggest that you would have many wild ideas and great schemes about making money and earning your living. Why not? That’s part of the fun. For you making a living is about having fun, communicating what is important and being able to be flexible and mobile. You need money to buy books, travel, pay for your courses and use the Internet. After spending your cash on these items, it is up for grabs which items might be next of the list to purchase. Mercury inspires you to use your intellect, your ideas and your ability to communicate in earning your living. Whether you write it, think it, speak it or draw it you need to express it to feel satisfied. Your secret to success is that in expressing your ideas you attract acknowledgement and assets.

Mercury in myth also had a bit of a difficult time growing up. So it is important to recognise that you might be instinctually handy with money when you are young and fit but as you age you may need a different set of guidelines and procedures to deal with your funds. You might not think about building capital but it might become an important task in the second half of life.

Venus is in the 2nd House

Venus, the planet of beauty and symmetry, is in your astrological sector of resources revealing your love of art and refinement. This is its natural home and suggests that you may have a highly developed sense of taste, value the pleasures of life and appreciate form and design. As the natural ruler of the 2nd House, Venus feels at home here, valuing the pleasures that the material world can provide. Therefore money is important for what it can provide whether that is luxury, a cultivated lifestyle or whatever you find worthwhile.

Money is the domain of Venus. Since you have an instinctual knack for dealing with money you may be drawn to earning your income in the banking, financial or economic sectors. While this might not be the case for you, what is important is that you reflect on your attitude towards earning and spending. Personal worth and value are bound up with money and it is important to be aware of the link between your inner feelings of worth and value and material acquisitions. Do you compensate for any feelings of lack by spending money or buying things? Today this is known as retail therapy which is a great pastime when a grey cloud descends, but not helpful in the long term if it covers up insecurity and low self esteem.

You are susceptible to your inherited attitudes towards money. Reflect on your familial conditioning about money and power, as well as the early attitudes that you might have internalised about your own sense of worth and value. Venus is about both money and love. In your family experience, when love was lacking was it replaced by money? Or was money and love tangled up in any way? It is also important to consider how feminine values were appreciated and respected in your background, as Venus, the doyen of feminine values, in this sector needs to be respected and appreciated. Another way that money and love could dovetail is when they come together through marriage or partnership. With Venus in the 2nd House you do well in financial and personal partnerships when you value what you are invested in and appreciate the person you are in collaboration with.

A peaceful and attractive environment contributes to your self-esteem, as ultimately the aesthetics of the outer world reflect an inner feeling of harmony and being in the right place. Therefore you might enjoy investing your income in what pleases you like clothes, furnishings, art, music etc. When beauty and taste surround you, you feel well. If you are not aware of this aspect of your nature monitor your sense of well being when you are in a chaotic and messy environment as compared to a tasteful and refined one. Inherently you have a knack for pleasing and attracting others. Venus encourages you to be partnered; but with this placement money, sex and relationship may all be intertwined. Therefore it is crucial to be honest about these issues before they become enmeshed in a difficult web. Sorting out what you value in the material world as opposed to the emotional and the spiritual world is helpful.

Consistent with this astrological placement is often a talent for art, music or social skills. Many like Patsy Cline, Edith Piaf, Elvis Presley, Maurice Chevalier and k.d. lang have been blessed with a rich and attractive voice. While this may not be your destiny it would be worthwhile considering what skills and resources you value about yourself and how you might want to earn your living developing these, or at least expressing this talent through a hobby. With Venus in this sphere you may be drawn to earning your income in many ways. Most consistent with Venus would be money-making connected to art, beauty and the urge to beautify. Or you might be inclined towards pursuing a profession where the development of social skills and hospitality is a priority. This placement suggests that working with others, socialising and relating are skills that are developed through making a living. People skills are resources that can be developed in order to feel satisfied through what you do to earn your personal income. This suggests you might be drawn to professions where diplomacy and protocol are important, or you may work in partnership with others. This urge could be satisfied through a variety of ways which help others improve their own sense of worth, attractiveness and well being, ranging from counselling and beauty therapy through to massage and aromatherapy. Whatever path you choose it is important to remember that the goddess of love and beauty wants to be honoured and acknowledged. One way might be to save money for the things that you really value or invest in something beautiful that contributes to your sense of self esteem. Venus is about valuing the self and in the 2nd it is important that you find the resources that encourage and support your self worth.

Sharing Your Income

Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chart

Money, it turned out, was exactly like sex, you thought of nothing else if you didn t have it and thought of other things if you did.

James Baldwin

American novelist and social critic

While the 8th House is the House of sharing, astrologers call this the House of STD: sex, taxes and death. Another version of the key initials STD and this house is “sexually transmitted debt”. The 8th House seems to be where love and trust get entangled with money. When the seal of trust is broken the joint finances are too! So it is important to look at this area of the Horoscope to consider how you best deal with money when others are involved. This could mean your family of origin, your intimate partner or business partner, even your bank and financial advisor. The 8th House is opposite the 2nd House and therefore forms the natural polarity between what is mine and what is ours. The 2nd House could be thought of as your personal worth, your cash flow on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. The 8th House then could be considered your overall worth, the dam or the reservoir of your full value. Its mystique is in the depth of its values.

The ancient astrologers’ view of the 8th House was mainly about death and questions concerning loss especially gains from loss, such as inheritances or debts. Death and debts are still linked together in our words such as mortgage and amortise. While the modern usage of amortise is a gradual payment of debt, in earlier usage it was withholding property after death. While mort refers to death, amor refers to love. This is the mysterious 8th House amalgam between death, debt and love. A more contemporary outlook scrutinises the 8th House for the link between intimacy and prosperity as well the capacity for sharing resources. In an emotional sense the 8th House is about comfort with intimacy and this becomes a barometer of your ability to share money with those you love.

As the House of inheritance, it is the territory where you claim your familial legacy either psychologically, emotionally or financially. Unearthing your ancestral inheritance may not be as straightforward as you would wish, but the astrological nature of your 8th House will help you to reflect on your familial past and the attitudes towards money and love that you have inherited. The 8th House has also been traditionally associated with the landscape of the underworld. This of course is metaphoric of the unseen inheritances and legacies from the past; hence we might imaginatively think of the 8th House as where we could communicate with the dead. This sphere is where we encounter some skeletons in the family closet that might help reclaim our legacy. It is wise to remember that in antiquity the underworld was the source of buried treasure. Regent of the underworld was Pluto, the god of riches; hence the 8th House is also an area in the horoscope of hidden wealth.

Hidden in this house might also be family issues and legacies about money, wills and desires. Lurking in the familial past may be motifs such as emotional manipulation through money, debt, disputes regarding inheritances, the loss of family money or a deep-seated attitude towards financial control. What was the attitude towards debt or borrowing money that you inherited? What were the familial attitudes towards sharing resources? The 8th House is the place where the two sides of the family merge into one. Psychologically the 8th House reveals the capacity for or the lack of familial intimacy and closeness; therefore, planets here will not only describe the family inheritance, but secret alliances and taboos in the family. Interred in the 8th House are the familial gains and losses which are passed down through the generations. These gains and losses might be financial as in monetary bequests and inheritances or a familial story of debt. In many cases the gains and losses are emotionally based. The Zodiac Sign on the cusp of the 8th House is the gateway to this intimate area and as such is important in considering how you access this part of yourself. Ultimately the question is how much do you trust yourself to make the right decision in love and money?

As a barometer of closeness, the 8th House refers to the degree of parental intimacy that was experienced growing up. You observe your parents’ trust of one another with money and resources. How were they able to share what they had with one another on and what were the primal patterns that you first felt in terms of sharing emotionally and lovingly? Arguments about money are often never really about money but the sense of feeling unloved, unacknowledged or unmet. The template of how you might share your personal resources with others you love is set down early in the atmosphere of the family and affects your feelings of financial trust in adult life. The attachment, emotional security and parental issues of your early life, yet not resolved, will be prone to being re-experienced in an adult way through intimate relationships. You also ‘marry’ into or relate to your partner’s psychological, emotional and financial composition. The will and testament of those who have passed exert their influence on the emotional well-being of those in the present and issues concerning legacies, will, inheritance, shared resources and family trusts are all part of this terrain. Wills of the 8th House also refer to the will of those who have past and still exert emotional and financial control.

The 8th House is a house of mystery and mastery in being true to your deepest self while participating in the world. It depicts how the currents that flow within the financial world, the economic cycles and seasons influence the money market and you. In the 8th House you can see your ability to tune into subtle energies, and to act with integrity and utilise them for your own and others better good. From the perspective of money the 8th House will help you reflect on your buried treasures, your capacity to share and enjoy the pleasures of life with others, your legacies and inheritances as well as the patterns that either keep you indebted to others or able to be resourceful in relationship. Much of the 8th House is a mystery, a secret even unto yourself but this report helps you try to understand what this compelling place means for you.

8th House Cusp is in Leo

Leo being on the cusp of your 8th House conjures up an image of being either very creative with other people’s resources or finding your own unique and original way to express yourself in intimate settings! Ironically you might not feel that you are that creative or self expressive, but when there is privacy and trust, you might find that you are capable of being very resourceful and inventive. While we often do, the reality is that we can never really judge another’s close relationships. We can never know the alchemy that takes place between two people when the door is locked or the vessel is sealed. In your case you may find that in private and in the atmosphere of those who deeply love you, a more lively, playful and erotic nature emerges. In terms of your fiscal nature you may feel freer and riskier when involved with another than you would on your own.

It is worth digging down to unearth the attitudes that you inherited towards money and intimacy as part of your challenge is to see how they are able to operate together. When you enter the area of what is deeply personal and vulnerable how do you react? Do you defend against your vulnerabilities by remaining focused on yourself and defending any sensitivity to risk? Or are you able to feel susceptible and open to the other in the possibility of creating something special? This might be similar to how you approach your financial security with others. Remaining defended or closed to the possibility of mutual prosperity because of your feelings of vulnerability may leave you feeling stuck. Whereas, remaining open and sensitive to risk might allow something creative and special to emerge. The choice seems very dependent on the level of self mastery and awareness. Perhaps trust in self and being open to your true nature are the keys in creative financial management.

Feeling acknowledged and appreciated in your mutual business arrangements is important. On the other hand it is important for you to feel that you are open to being challenged or criticized in your financial decisions. Honesty is the best policy here even when it pierces the heart. Sometimes your generosity might not be appropriate; at times your openness and bravado may not be sincere. When in the arena of intimacy, shared values and resources it is best to act with as much integrity and honesty as possible, as it is not lucrative or rewarding to continue acting fraudulently. The games you need to play are not in defence of the truth but in the joy of creating gainful projects and targets with intimate others.

And the mutual projects that you thrive on are the ones where you feel free enough to express your own creative ideas and energy, take managed risks and just share in the joys of creation. Some of your best investments might be when you have shared your vulnerable ideas or sensitive ambitions. You are motivated by the love and respect of others but also by the love and respect you have for others. Therefore when there is a close-knit team or partnership you feel you are able to work more freely to grow your resources. You might have a knack for speculation, knowing which stocks have future potential or what sector of the economy is going to do well. Hone your instinct here with the aid of trusted others. When you enter into a sacred and sincere agreement with someone else there is a great chance of success.

Leo is often connected with children; perhaps too the inner child. First let’s reflect on what your inner child needs: as suggested before, probably some acknowledgment and applause. Ironically this comes when you are true to yourself, not trying to please others to get what you might not have received as a child. Now literal children: if you have children these are your most valuable resources. If not then it is through the resources of children that you find your treasures – imagination, freedom, vitality, innocence and creativity. The secret to your ongoing prosperity are these things.

Ruler of the 8th House is The Sun
The Sun is in the 2nd House

When the Sun is connected to the 8th House of your Birth Chart it indicates that your wealth is connected with others. You have a yen to invest and share investments. Your marriage and business partnerships are likely to contribute to your sense of well-being and your assets. Wealth is important to you. You have better sense of shining in the world when you are able to accumulate some assets. It is not so much a question of social status or financial security, but rather you experience personal satisfaction when you are able to building a financial portfolio. In some cases you may enjoy the power that comes with wealth, but this depends on other aspects of your Birth Chart. Money is really just a method of exchange. What would you like in exchange for money and assets? What do these things give you? The 8th House lends itself to helping you make these assessments. You are better than most people at detecting the underlying currents. With the Sun in the 2nd House of your Birth Chart your self-esteem and personal values are linked to your accumulation of wealth. If you value money and possessions then you are likely to have a strong drive for these things. On the other hand if you value other aspects of life then you are likely to work happily for a regular wage while being rich in time to follow your own interests, knowing that money comes and money goes as you need it. Your highest value needs to be on your own self-esteem, taking steps to ensure that your confidence is strong and reflected in your attitude to money. Other people may also boost your financial coffers through gifts or inheritances. You may also earn your living through studying the financial cycles, the weather cycles or in metaphysical fields.

Pluto is in the 8th House

Unlike many others you are very aware of the subconscious patterns that exist in other people. To put it more simply you can see their true motives. You can also see underlying patterns of human interrelations, nature, and society in general. This can be a powerful asset in your life, or the bane of your existence as others are not so insightful. Do you share your insights or keep them to yourself? Not everyone welcomes your insights. You are likely to learn this the hard way during the course of your younger life. As you mature you experience less conflict as you learn the power of discretion.

However, whenever you share your resources with someone else you need to be in total control of the decisions, the accounts and the investments. As far you are concerned this is not negotiable. If your partner or partners understand and accept this then all is well. You are a powerful negotiator, risk taker and able to bear the losses in order to gain the wealth. You are able to accumulate great wealth if this is important to you. This stance of yours comes from a deep psychological place within. It may be as the result of feeling totally out of control as a child, or something else. Trust is the issue and you know the source of your distrust. Problems, big problems, arise if your spouse or business partner/s do not accept your need for control. Then your greatest problems are going to be fights over money, power struggles and perhaps even legal battles. You may benefit from setting up trust accounts as these can help you feel safer than other types of investments. The planet Pluto is in the 8th House of your birth chart indicating that you've a powerful desire to be united with others, but you do need to be in control. You give and demand total commitment in your marriage and in any ventures with your business partner or partners. The process of becoming involved in joint enterprises, whether this is marriage or business, is an intense one for you. You're a risk-taker when it comes to financial ventures, either with other people or through investments. Depending on other aspects of your chart you may benefit through these ventures, or you may lose. You need to take extra care that you and your partners conduct all joint enterprises with integrity. Otherwise you're susceptible to investigations by the tax department or fraud squad. As some stage of your life you may feel called to investigate the metaphysical side of life. It's also possible that you're fascinated by cycles, such as weather cycles, stock market cycles, or the cycle of life and death.

Pluto is in the 8th House
Pluto is Opposite Mercury

Your powers of perception stand you in good stead as you can read people and situations. If you try to force your insights on to others then you are likely to run into a few snags. Not everyone wants to face the truth. However, your ability to perceive people’s reactions, their ability to handle money and economic trends can be utilised positively if your intentions are honourable. You may decide to work in a financial institution, as an adviser or educator. The exchange of money is likely to hold a certain fascination. Therefore the money market, trading and other exchanges are likely to attract your attention. You learn much through observation and study. You need to be wary of using your insights to manipulate others, particularly those closest to you. You, more than most others, need to have strong moral fibre when it comes to sharing resources through marriage, entering into business deals and investing in other people’s property. Contracts need to be drawn up and viewed by a professional to highlight any subconscious matters that need to be discussed and agreed on. As author Mark Twain has said: “Honesty is the best policy - when there is money in it.”

Pluto is in the 8th House
Pluto is Square Mars

Your Birth Chart also indicates that you are aided and abetted in your financial goals by the planet Mars. The red planet gives you drive and ambition to find ways in which to invest your time and energy into the pursuit of riches. If you are keen to build your material assets then you are likely to drive hard bargain when it comes to business and marital contracts. You could be a business magnate. However, this combination also gives you insights which can be used to help other people. You may be a catalyst in other people’s lives, particularly in the lives of anyone brave enough to do business with you, or to join with you in marriage.

Pluto is in the 8th House
Pluto is Sextile Neptune

You may have many talents, but unless you have some other stabilising influences in your Birth Chart, holding on to your assets is not one of them. You have the best of intentions when it comes to investing but your assets seem to dissolve before they can come to fruition. If you are reading this report when you are young then you would be well advised to invest your money in long-term, slow-gain assets. If you are more mature then you need to turn your attention to the other talents and riches that you have accumulated throughout your life. The influence of the planet Neptune can be a positive one, but it is more likely to dissolve your assets than help them grow. Investing in lifestyle, your own talents, charitable institutions and places of retreat are likely to be beneficial.

Your Fortune

I have always believed, and I still believe, that whatever good or bad fortune may come our way we can always give it meaning and transform it into something of value.

Hermann Hesse

Poet and Painter
The Part of Fortune

Fortune has come to mean money and wealth; yet in the ancient world it referred to chance or luck. Both are interconnected. In your Horoscope you will have a “Part of Fortune” an astrological point which suggests some clues about your quality and share of fortune be that chance or capital. One of astrology’s first authorities Ptolemy suggested that the Part of Fortune was primary to the circumstances that regulate the ‘fortune of wealth’.

The Part of Fortune is constructed from the three highly significant positions of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant that were discussed in the first section. In this section all three are merging to create an astrological image connected to our personal fortune. This report uses the formula dependent on whether you are born at night or if you were born during the day when the Sun was above the horizon. The Part of Fortune is an amalgam of body, soul and spirit. The Ascendant represents the physical environment and your levels of vitality, it is a primary gauge for well-being both in terms of health and wealth. Your Sun represents vital force, the spirit of health and heart, while your Moon symbolises the emotional and soulful aspects of being secure in the world. Since the alchemy of all three create the Part of Fortune, it came to be seen as an image of well being, connection, security and being well-placed in the world. This was considered to be prosperity; an ability to be supported by the world and access its abundant resources.

The Part of Fortune is also known as the Lot of Fortune. In ancient Greece, the concept for fate suggested a lot, a portion or what we were allotted in the lottery of life. The Greek word for fate was ‘moira’ and the Moirai were the three weavers of fate; those who measured, allocated and cut the threads of one’s life. With this lot, the ancient astrologers recognised that the tapestry created by weaving the three threads of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant together would be fortunate. To the Romans, Fortuna was chance and she spun the Wheel of Fortune. This wheel reminds us not only of the wheel of the zodiac, but the natural cycles and rhythms of life. Fortune is not static but cyclical by nature; hence the Part of Fortune becomes a powerful symbol in your chart that points to your lot on the wheel of fortune. In a contemporary way the placement of the Part of Fortune is where you honour and petition the goddess of chance and acknowledge your share of fortune.

As an ancient symbol in a contemporary context its placement in the Horoscope measures prosperity or where you align with the seed potential of your fortune. Its sign position will help you amplify innate qualities that are destined at times to be prosperous, while its house position will locate the setting to focus on to increase your chances in the lottery of life.

The Part of Fortune is in Pisces

With the Part of Fortune in Pisces, the Wheel of Destiny spins in your favour when you are not attached to the outcome. Accepting whatever happens is not being passive or sacrificial, but is an active recognition that there are forces greater than the self that control the wheel. You are fortunate when you are able to feel in sync with these forces. When you align your fortunes with more imaginative and receptive outcomes you find that you are in favour with the gods. For the more pragmatic, it is worth considering that your fortune lies outside the boundaries of what most regard as realistic - in more creative and inspired pursuits, perhaps in the company of artists, visionaries and prophets. When you think of how you are best suited to make your fortune it is towards these folk that you need to lean for advice. Being prosperous is not always found following mainstream ideas; for you it is a creative endeavour. Fortune is aligned with the imagination, as that is what allows you to access soul and give meaning to your life. With meaning you thrive. Without space for your imaginative process everything that is mysterious or unknown becomes projected onto matter and begins to happen outside, rendering the inner world barren and lifeless. And it is the inner world that animates your fortune.

Artists find their expression on a canvas, in a song, through movement or in a sonnet, and it is important that you too feel that you have a creative outlet, because when you place yourself in that position you feel well-off. Well-being comes through this connection to the other world; therefore it is beneficial to explore that area of life in whatever way you feel comfortable. Creativity is allowing a soulful expression in whatever you do, and being open to read the more subtle signs that are along your life path. Your ability to see past the material world, to sense possibility in things and to perceive potentialities and opportunities where others cannot is your creativity. And it is this creativity that is your fortune. Jupiter is the one who oversees your lot of fortune and its nature is to increase and expand; therefore this spirit guides you in that direction when you are in touch with your imaginative and spiritual faculties.

The Part of Fortune is in the 2nd House

The Part of Fortune place in the 2nd House of your Birth Chart is fortunate indeed. In simple terms this means that money and good fortune are strongly linked in your life. You are rich. You have many possibilities for financial growth and expansion. You are fortunate with money; therefore it is important to understand that the fundamental spirit of this house aligns money with values. An important question is ‘what do I attach importance to?’ On a material level you do very well appraising what is of value, finding a bargain, negotiating the best deal, improving the net worth of your assets and estimating costs of projects. On a psychological level money is the reflection of your self esteem and your estimate of worth. To secure your fortune be aware of what it is that you value and appreciate, what it is you like and how you can best support your sense of worth. In a way you are what you possess; therefore it is best to find out who you are and what you treasure before you spend your money. You have a great head start being lucky with money, but by respecting your self-worth, your fortune increases.

The 2nd House is also known as a House of substance. Money is important as a way of securing your future and satisfying your need for comfort and safety. When you invest in what you value and appreciate those you love, you find that your net worth increases. When you bring that sense of worth and value into the heart of your life, you are blessed with fortune. No doubt money is gained from your personal endeavours, but the secret of success seems to be that as you improve your sense of self worth and value your contributions, the Wheel of Fortune turns in your favour.


Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chart

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago

Warren Buffett

American Business Magnate

Once upon a time, monks entering religious service were required to take a vow of poverty. Even though the Church was far from impoverished, this vow was designed to turn the initiate’s gaze away from the acquisition of possessions to participation in a communal and spiritual life. Christian teaching suggested it was easier for a camel to squeeze through the eye of a needle than a moneyed man to get into heaven. From this religious viewpoint it was believed that money corrupts and detracts from salvation. Infatuation with riches was considered diametrically opposed to the religious impulse. In the Christian era, the marketplace and the church were seen to be at odds with one another. These beliefs seem to be a long time ago. Or are they?

As mentioned the root of money takes us back to the Roman goddess Juno Moneta, who has helped us reflect on our relationship with money. As the protector of funds Moneta came to be associated with Juno through the following legend. When the Roman army was faltering, out of resources and demoralized, they prayed to Juno for guidance. The goddess advised them that if their cause was just and they fought for what they believed in, then money would be forthcoming. With a reinvigorated spirit the soldiers continued their battle and money and resources arrived from Rome. From this point forward money was minted in the temple of Juno Moneta as a reminder that when there was genuine need and realistic values, then money would follow. From the earliest times money has been associated with the divine, a symbol of the goddess’ fortune.

Moneta was also the Latin name for Mnemosyne, the goddess of Memory and the mother of the Muses. Moneta was also said to remind us, at times warn us, of our relationship with money. Therefore Moneta re-minds us that money is not just a literal matter but connected to the emotional and soulful realm of human experience, the sphere where astrology can be so revealing. Embedded in your Horoscope is an instinctual approach to your values and money. Understanding your own astrological relationship to money can help you be more aware of personal values and your unique approach to money matters. In turn this then helps you learn how to make the most of the money you earn and maximise your prosperity.

The Birth Planets of Orpah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartmoon04°31Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSAGITTARIUS11F
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartsun08°59Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartAQUARIUS2F
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartmercury19°09Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartAQUARIUS2F
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartvenus08°51Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartAQUARIUS2F
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartmars23°34Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSCORPIO11F
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartjupiter16°39Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartGEMINI6R
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartsaturn09°02Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSCORPIO10F
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Charturanus20°18Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartCANCER7R
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartneptune26°03Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartLIBRA10R
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartpluto24°09Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartLEO8R
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartchiron23°35Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartCAPRICORN1F
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartnorthnode23°55Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartCAPRICORN1F
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartsouthnode23°55Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartCANCER7R
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartascendant29°41Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSAGITTARIUS1R
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartmidheaven17°24Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartLIBRA9R

The Birth Aspects of Orpah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartmoonOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSESQUISQUAREOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Charturanus
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartmoonOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSEMISQUAREOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartmidheaven
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartsunOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartCONJUNCTIONOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartvenus
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartsunOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSQUAREOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartsaturn
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartmercuryOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSQUAREOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartmars
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartmercuryOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartTRINEOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartjupiter
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartmercuryOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartOPPOSITIONOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartpluto
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartmercuryOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartTRINEOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartmidheaven
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartvenusOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSQUAREOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartsaturn
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartmarsOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartTRINEOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Charturanus
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartmarsOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSQUAREOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartpluto
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartmarsOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSEXTILEOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartchiron
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartmarsOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSEXTILEOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartnorthnode
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartmarsOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartTRINEOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartsouthnode
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartjupiterOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartTRINEOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartsun
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartjupiterOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartTRINEOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartmidheaven
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth CharturanusOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartOPPOSITIONOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartchiron
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth CharturanusOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartOPPOSITIONOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartnorthnode
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth CharturanusOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartCONJUNCTIONOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartsouthnode
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth CharturanusOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSQUAREOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartmidheaven
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartneptuneOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartTRINEOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartmercury
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartneptuneOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSQUAREOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Charturanus
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartneptuneOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSEXTILEOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartpluto
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartneptuneOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSQUAREOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartchiron
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartneptuneOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSQUAREOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartnorthnode
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartneptuneOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartSQUAREOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartsouthnode
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartneptuneOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartCONJUNCTIONOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartmidheaven
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartplutoOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartQUINCUNXOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartchiron
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartplutoOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartQUINCUNXOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartnorthnode
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartplutoOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartTRINEOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartascendant
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartchironOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartCONJUNCTIONOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartnorthnode
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartchironOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartOPPOSITIONOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartsouthnode
Oprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartnorthnodeOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth ChartOPPOSITIONOprah Winfrey Astrology, Money, Natal Chart, Birth Chartsouthnode